Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vietnamese FooD

~* Vietnamese FooD *~ xD

It's actually their interior design that attracted me in xP

Nice eh? How I wished my house is that nice ;P
Anyway I'm contented with what I have now :)

People just seemed cant live without handphones and PDAs
In fact, I'll feel very insecure without my handphone with me =/

Dunno wht name dy.. Look may not be so nice BUT it actually tastes nice ;)

My noodles :D
SeaFooD again ~ hehee~ I love seafood so much =)
Anyway, a very BIG plate of it again =/

*ceiling view from my seat*
That thing soooooooooooo gonna fell on me >.<

Soft toys~!!
Okay only though those soft toys...You may see something I LOVE very much in this picture ;)
And that's why I took this picture, hehee~
Just a very random post to cure my boredom at home xP~ It is a very bad day for me today though =/ Bad Luck ~ *sigh*
Anyway having a few day-off now =3 Maybe I should just sleep as much as I can to compensate for being sleep-deprived during Mock ~ haha xD
Or maybe do some stuffs which I've been too busy to accomplish...How nice the feeling of having holidays~ Though I'm not really having them ryte now. Longing for the days after Finals !!!!!! Go for some trips maybe, people? ;)
Dun lar tak jadi again this time xP ~ hehee

Owh my computer started lagging dy =(

Everything seemed to be going against me today~ *why??*

Anyway I think I shall stop here for today :) Bye~



what shop is that ar?? at where one? 1 u?? looks very attractive and special to me. hows ur noodles taste?? ok? feel like trying out vietnamese foods since didnt try b4.. ^^

Yingying said...

Nope~ It's at pyramid :)
Forgot whtz the name dy but it's near Tony Roma there ( upstairs of Tony Roma ) ;P
My noodles tastes okay only :P maybe Bcos I dun really like noodles, hehee~

Icepanda said...

Let me guess.. you like that turtle is it?

Yingying said...

yaya, the kuma-kuma ;)