Friday, April 11, 2008

- Fr!D@Y -

Today is Friday again ~ I love friday ;) Time passes so fast huh, liddat one week gone dy =/ *mourn*

Anyway, reach college today at about 11 sth and wanted to study at library but ended up day-dreaming there for almost an hour plus =/ After that headed to Sunway Pyramid for movie and lunch xD ( I realised that there's a lot of benefits if we have a car with us =P hehee.. If not this whole day I'll be rotting at college..Lol. )

Watched "Definitely, Maybe" today, a romance comedy movie..Hmm...not bad =) Though I kinda dun get what they actually wanna bring out in this whole movie =/ BUT....BUT...I did think quite a lot of stuff after watching it, mostly about relationship ( Duh, it's a romance comedy movie wht ) Btw, here's some pictures of the movie >>>

I like the cute little girl =)

Well, love is really complicated. Sometimes when u think that you already find the right one, something might just happen and all the things will just be so different, totally opposite from what we expected before. Then, you get into another relationship, thinking everything will be fine and better than before, yet things are juz unpredictable and ...well, it's another huge change again. Owh well, life is unpredictable, isnt it? We can't just expect things to go our way...

Anyway, in our life there surely be someone we really love and appreciate, err, well, among all of the relationships we had ( or not ). I wonder when only we will know who is that? As said by an actress in the movie, "It's not about the person, it's about the timing". ( something liddat *blur look* ) anyway, what I meant is, when the time comes, we'll just know. There's certain things we just know, or understand when the time comes. Like maybe few years ago we were young, treating life in a happy-go-lucky way, and get involved in our very 1st relationship...Everything is just seemed so..hmm...immature, when we look it back now.( Like the ways of how we treat the relationship, the way we treat each other, the way we think, the way we act...etc.. ) Or there's some times back we did things that seemed so stupid if we think it back right now. Then, few years later, maybe we will think again about our past, and what we think it's correct at this point of time now, may seem so ridiculous and immature in future. Who knows?

Not gonna talk too much about this btw =P Back to my story xD ...After the movie, me and Darren went makan at Waffles World !! Hehehe....Been longing to eat waffles there quite some time ago and I get to eat it today !! X3 *satisfied* hehee..

Darren =3

His waffle : Banana waffle =3

MY WAFFLE!!! : Caramel Banana x3
My waffle's appearance doesn't seem so nice compared to his. =/
*sniff sniff*
*moments later*
Dun care xD ~ As long as it is nice to eat xP

Feel kinda hungry now looking at the waffles =/ Lol.

After our lunch we went lepak-ing around till about 5pm only we headed back to college for our last Moral studies class. Though I appreciate it very much (my last class xD ) yet I wasnt listening, at all =/ heheee...

Went Pyramid again after my PRECIOUS moral studies class ( to buy food and at the same time trying to avoid the traffic jam ) and went to this dunno wht house (Something something 'Toast House' I guessed? )to eat >>>

Kopitiam kinda style :)

My Honey Toast :) Love Honey ;)

I love sweet stuff x3 Hehee...
Well, all girls like sweet stuff, no meh? =P


Evelyn said...

fuiyo such an interesting day! hahaz. i wanna watch that movie too!!! =)
oh btw,ur waffle tastes nicer than darren's 1 ryte i'm sure?? *winkz* xD

Yingying said...

Haha..I dunno worr, I didnt try his waffle xP