Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On The ApriL FooL D@y XD

Well, as stated on the title there, I gonna blog abt sth tht happen on tht day =) If not I hav nth 2 blog XP hehee.. Btw, there some problems here, which means I cant transfer the pictures I took on tht day into my pc =( haiz...

That day class ended early and we decided to go Sunway Pyramid for a movie ( Ah Long Pte Ltd...err, is this the name ? I juz know the chinese name XP ) And this is our very 1st victim on tht day >>>

Ding !!! XD Sry ah ding, I cant find other photos by now except for this one XD U wont angry with me 1 ryte ? Ryte ? Hmm... very keek sim? =/ Probably saying "kodok" now? XP

Back our April Fool Day story then XD... Me & Darren wanted to go Pyramid to watch movie but Kak Liza and David didnt follow ( they went Asia Cafe ) We knew Ding wouldnt want to follow if he knows tht David & Kak Liza werent following us =P So we told him tht Kak Liza & David will be joining us later XD Hahaha *Am I mean? XP * But hey, we didnt ignore him okay?? We talked a lot with him ;) hehee...Feel like laughing now when I think of his expression when he found out tht he was fooled by us XP *oops*

The cute little bear we bought at Famous Amos ( plus cookies inside the car ) for Ms.Santha and Mr.Jay >>>

So adorable !!! =) I feel like stealing the bear, hahaa =P but too late now =/

After that the 3 of us discussed abt what to have for our lunch for like..... almost an hour ? Forgot dy =/ I juz know that we keep walking around in Pyramid with my growling stomach =S You two guys, haiz...*shakes head* Next time u guys take turns to decide lar ( me not included, yeah XD )

Well, at last we decided to eat at Italiannies >>>

3 of us shared a plate of meatball spaghetti, thinking that it costs us RM50 plus only for that =/ But at last it turns out to be that the waiter thought we wanted the 2-3 servings spaghetti, instead of 4-5 servings XD When Ding saw the bill (RM30 plus ), again his expression was very funny XD hahaha...I should have take your picture lar, hehee..

After our lunch, we went to watch this movie >>>

Which is very funny, though some parts of the movie I went like O.o and ==" ... haha XP

Before going back to college, we went to buy cards for Ms.Santha, Mr.Jay and Mr.Tan at Jusco....And I saw so many cute bears there !!! I actually looking more on the bears than cards, hehehe....So adorable lar those bears, and I kept hugging the biggest teddy bear there,hehee...Couldnt resist it =P Someone jealous huh xP hehee..

Finally it's our moral studies presentation (on the April Fool Day == ) Yep yep...our moral class is going to end dy, YES !!!! *excited* Frankly speaking, our moral presentation is vry vry vry good ( Best of all to me ;D My group mar, hehee ), thanks to our group members, hahaa.. And the slide show is vry nice !!! I like it so much !! For all those hard work and time we have spent on it, it's definately worth it, and I kinda miss the time when we did our food fair and visit to Stepping Stones Orphanage =) (not the work lar, but the time we spent together to accomplish something ) hehee!!

I think this is the the 1st picture of we 5 girls huh? =) *why is jiash there? xP hehee *

( From left : Catherine , Emiko, Siewlin, Me and Steffphanie )


darren said...

YEAh!!!High five baby!!!hahahaha...that was a good day don u think so?hahah...

Mithrandir said...

kodok...hahahahhaa =) yeah really keek sim