Monday, April 28, 2008

~*J@paN3se FOoD*~

Went The Curve today with my Dad ;)
And we decided to have our lunch at Sakae Sushi *yum yum* xD

I'm not a fan of Sushi..BUT I do like Japanese FooD x3 Hehee~
It's actually been quite some time since we last go out and spend some time together
So many things that made our relationship quite ...urmm...not so good =/
But today was a good day ;) We actually spent some time togeher and chat :) Though after that we parted to go and look for our own stuffs ~

Sakae Sushi ~ GreeN Tea ~

It's actually my first time to this restaurant. Their interior design looks nice~
Seats for two :)

Ordering ;)

They gave us green tea packets and we can refill as much hot water we can through that at the side of every table.

This thing tastes kinda weird =/

My dad's Garlic Fried Rice~ He likes to eat rice ;)

My Meal !!!!!!!!!!! *loves*
Bimibap something, cant remember the name though xP
My bowl is considered GIGANTIC if compared with my dad's. xP
SeafooD ~~~~~~
Yay I love seafood :D !!!

The Street :)
I used to walk here alone. So was I today ;P
Enjoying the emptiness. Enjoying the breeze. I hate it when it's crowded.

Been wanted to try this xD Anyone tried this before?
Is it nice? =)
After a short day of walk we went to fetch my brother and sister.
I hate to drive when their class just ended.
Those students will just walk in the middle of the road and they wont bother even you honk them ( Lots of them!!!)
And with all the traffic jam and the cars parking everywhere~
And reckless drivers trying to cut queues
Gosh =/
My driving skill dy so bad somemore gotta face all these =(
I shall be exempted xD !!~

It's been years since I last wrote a long letter :)
Sometimes doing things that you didnt do for a very long time brings back sweet memories~
Creating sweet memories from now on is a good thing to do as well ;)

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