Saturday, April 26, 2008

Apologies =(

Just read a post of my close friend and really felt sorry + guilty =/
I really missed talking with you a lot, when we shared all the stuffs in our lives, chatting everything with no worries ;)
And...hmm...I admit that I spent less time with you guys now, and I'm really sorry for that...Seriously...
Anyway, THAT was a great memory for me too ;) Hehee~
I always remember that =)
And...*kinda lost of words now*...

I miss you a lot, really really a lot :)
Thanks a lot for your care ;) Actually it's been some time since I wanted to tell you those stuffs, and have a great long chat like last time...But so many things happened recently, and sometimes it was just not too suitable for me to have such talk with you...(next time we go dating kay? Then can find good place and timing to chat xD )
And I seriously dunno what should I do now *sighs*...

Maybe we gotta have a long chat again next time? ;)


I'm lost. Dunno what am I supposed to do to get things back on track, though I dun think I did anything wrong, nor for what I hoped or expected. I meant, there are certain things you just wont know what others will think of you. Owh what am I talking about =/
Exam is over now and I'm supposed to be happy and relieved, yet I felt the opposite of it right after the exam today.
I really have my fingers crossed now, hoping much everything will be okay and goes on well after today.
I hope you get my point and hold your promises. And I believe you will.
I hoped it wont be the same after this. I didnt tell what you have to do because I hope you will know, and get what I meant. I dun wanna tell you to do this and that. It's you to decide what you want to do and get things back on track.


Anyway....It's been quite a bad day today =( Owh well, excluding the fact that I didnt know how to do the Moral questions at all (cause I didnt really bother about it ;P But hey I still hoped that I can pass it, so that I wont have to stay for the Moral thingy again ==" )..and certain things..AND AND.....


I know it sounds so stupid but.....THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I LOST MY STUFF IN PYRAMID"S WASHROOM ==" 1st time is my purse *sniff sniff*
What to do, bad memory =/
I just remembered to take my stuffs which I bought from Popular ( luckily xD ) If not I gonna cry man...Spent quite an amount on those stuffs dy ler..

And I seriously cant remember what I have in the file, except for my moral notes (duh!) which is useless by now xP
*thinking hard*
Dunno whether thw workers there will throw away my file anot, hopefully there's nothing important in it =/

Next time gotta go ask whether they found it anot =/ Anyone found my blue bottle and a greenish file????? Lol.

I dun really dare to use that bottle again even if I got it back =/
(gotta wash it hundreds of times )

Mind you, I just changed my old bottle to this blue ones x(

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