Sunday, April 13, 2008

Of Dreams And Thoughts

Today's Whitesheep a.k.a my sister's birthday!! hehee...Happy Birthday and all the best ya =) *hugs* As an elder sister I shall buy something for her, so here's a look of my present..Proudly present to u..........*Jeng jeng jeng jeng* >>>>

A square cat with a tiny fish xD Lol.
BUT....somehow I saw the present from someone special to her and I was like O.o...Jealous jealous !!! xD My present seemed so insignificant compared to this =/ *sniff sniff*
Anyway, as long as she's happy with it then okay dy lar, hehee...*Some more this big bear at my house, I can hug it also anyway xP Sis u won't mind ryte? ;) hehe~

A big, cute and huggable teddy bear as her birthday present =3


I had a dream last night. It was so real. Though I could just remember some part of it, it's enough for me. Dreamt of my high school friends, Kah Wah,Jinq Yeu and Hui Kee all...It's like a rewind of memories, and I'm back in my high school days....We were so close and happy for tht moment. I 'experienced' the happiness of being united, as close as we ever had, rather than 'watching' the dream from another perspective. Yet it was a short dream, as far as I can remember. Trying to think back what I dreamt of, and now it was like totally blank...What is left with me is just the feeling that I 'experienced'. Gone with wind. Short but sweet memories.

Dew drop.
You may see things you'll never expected in an ordinary person, or things, or even happenings.
Started rewind back my high school memories after that dream =)

Form 5 :: We counted the days for SPM ( with fear and tense ) xD. We sighed. We mourned for the days that passed with nothing. We ended our every Saturday with the same sentence : Day passes so fast. =) We chatted during class. I missed the days when the four of us sat the far back. We hardly changed our places too ;)

Form 5 :: I got a big huggable Winnie The Pooh xD I experienced a lot, a lot...during my 17. I learned a lot. I fell, I raised, I cried, I laughed. Every single thing seemed so near, but so far away. There were things that gone, and things that left, deep within me.

Primary school :: Uh-huh...It's like so far back eh ;P I used to call a lot when I was in primary school =) Phone calls man, lots of memories. When it comes to high school, phone calls no longer my addict, yet it brought me some memories too. Both good and bad, especially during Form 5. Reminds me of some awful days =/

Since young & high school :: I USED TO like drawing =/ After I got low marks for my paintings for art I 'abondoned' this so-called hobby when I was young xP Talking about art reminds me of Xing Zhuang =) Oh yea, and baking cakes. And perhaps cooking spaghetti. =) Long time never keep in touch dy =( I wonder how's she now?

My dream :: My dream to go see and play with SNOW !! Anyone sponsor me the trip fees ? xD A friend of mine told me that snow / winter is wht he likes too. And another one who travels a lot =) *same birthday guy xD .. And Si Munn =) Owh...eveyone seems just popping into my mind now...The leaf tht you gave me which u brought in back from Korea =) Somewhere in my cupboard, hehee.. Can I claim my present now? xD *urmm..btw, still need time to find it out though...xP

Unhappy times :: There's time when I was unhappy, and thanks...for all the encouragements and supports =) I really appreciate it very much.

Form 1 & 5 :: Used to write a lot of letters during form 1. And form 5 as well, despite busy preparing for SPM. Owh's like been ages since I wrote the last letter =/
Jinq Yeu wrote a letter to me ( along with the new year greeting card ) I replied...I do!! *earnest look* But the letter ended up lying somewhere in my room ><" ...

Primary school :: I loves swings !! xD Urmm...should be USED TO love swings, since nowadays I'm too old for a swing =/ And my legs too long for it as well. xD *a little bit proud* Reminds me of Krystal => We used to play that after our swimming lesson, and finding thousands of excuses together to skip taekwondo xP So the result is, we ended up reaching introductory stage I guess...(yellow belt) xD Except for my brother who continues with his taekwondo in high school ;)

Rainy Days :: I love rainy days =) well, as long as it isnt on the time when I travelling back home or to college...Traffic jam everywhere whenever it's raining, haiz...I'd love to see the rain (just like the bear in the picture ), looking at passer-bys, thinking whatever I want to...Provided there's a nice scene, unlike my house here =/ All you can see from my room window is just empty house opposite, and lots of cars parking everywhere along the road. Bet you won't have the mood to enjoy the raining scene after looking at tht =/

Though I always complain about my life, yet I know there's things I have to appreciate. Especially family and friends and my loved ones. Every of you plays an important role in my life. There's always something that might surprise you, awaiting in the corner of life.


kahwah said...

"Day passes so fast!" it's true!
Jinq yue is doing her ns now.
She is going to China in month of August,
let's have a gathering after she comes back from ns!
When will you be free?

Yingying said...

Till now u still write her name wrongly xD If she knows then....hehehe =P
I see...she had her math exam dy?
When will she be coming back from NS ?
Then u ler? Still going Australia anot? =)

kahwah said...

Pls dun let her know! haha
i never heard she talked about math exam result. i dun think she will take it.
she will be back in June.
Erm, i will go to australia after 2 years. Im not sure about that. its a long story to tell. tell you when we meet up.
When is ur holiday?

Yingying said...

Hahaha xD
Hmm...last time I heard tht she's taking the math exam and having tuition =/
My holiday ar...after my last paper will be at 10th of June =)
Btw, I cant read the chinese word in ur blog even if i use Chinese Star =(

kahwah said...

ur last paper?
Means that u will graduate soon?
i dun noe y u cant read my blog.
but i will find the problem out.
Then we have a little gathering after ur final paper.

Yingying said...

Err, graduate from CAT if i can pass these 3 papers i'm having now =) Okay okayy ;)Gimme a call after u hav confirmed wof they all kay? =)

Yingying said...


typo xP