Monday, April 21, 2008

Mockkkkk !!! & @ Very H@ppY B!r+hD@Y To My B3s+ Ev@ Fr3N =)

Urhhh it's Mock....*stress*~
I hate exams =(
I HATE HATE HATE !!!!!!!!!!

Owh well, today's the 1st day of our Mock Exam (paper 7) ~ urhhh~ Sad =/
It's like 10 years plus' Past Year Questions and u studied 70% of it, and came out from the 30% that you didnt study =/ *keek sim* ...Shall I say 'kodok'? xD
Cant imagine how it will be for my Audit paper man =X


Anyway it's not the main point for now...purpose of my blogging here is to wish my B3sT ev3R fr3N a very happy birthday, which is on 22th of April ;) Hehehe, proud anot proud anot? xP
19 years old dy lorr~ haha xD Thank you for your cares and supports all da time...Really appreciate it =)

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!

May all your wishes come true,
and smile always!! xD ~


*yawn* Sooooooo TireD =/
Think on the positive side, at least I'm done with my paper 7's Mock *cheers* xD
2 more....err, no..3 more papers to go ~~~ *back to sad mood*
Again, I Hate Exams !!!!! xP ~
Really hope it ends fast =(
Bye people ! ;)

~*doggie doggie*~

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