Saturday, April 5, 2008

Untitled, again.

Again I'm dead bored at home woth lots of homework undone. Don't feel like doing them at all =/ Haiz....Gotta stop rotting at home like I'm having endless holidays *sigh*


There are some things

people will miss'em juz because they cant go back to the past.

Coz they can't change it.

Some things are important

juz because people couldnt get them.

Some things are precious

juz because people couldnt own them.

Some thing is special

juz because there's one and only of it.

Juz because we can't go back to the past,

juz bacause we can't own them in the past,

juz because it's too late for us to change anything.

Life is an art

which depends on how you colour it.

There's something which can't be erased.

Which follows and stays forever in our heart.

Sometimes it's our past,

that holds us from moving forward.

Do anything you like that makes you happy -

as long as it doesn't bother or hurt anyone else.


I prefer writing these in Chinese. It's more of like gibberish in english.

Haiz. Whatever.

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whitesheep91 said...

i understand your feeling..coz sometimes i have the same feeling cant do anythg for somethg that's what you can do is cherish everythg you own now so that you wont regret anymore..muackz^*^
love you forever..
kaka~ gambateh !