Friday, April 25, 2008

A SurPriSE =)

Hey people ;) Finally done my CAT papers !! Yeah yeah ~ *humming happily*

~Though I still have my Moral Studies papers to go..=P ~

And I definately dun wanna fail and resit for Moral, AGAIN ! xP

Anyway, receive this surprise when I was studying for my audit paper =)

My sister passed this to me and I was like "Awww"~

My godness, I got a PRESENT !!! xD ~

*hugs present*

~ So long never receive presents dy ~

Pinkie pink Present :)

With lotz of Love and Memories ;)

And guess what I found in it?



How long since I last receive a letter huh? Hmmm...

~ Not just a letter, a letter with lots of pages !! =3 ~

Hey thanks a lot ya ;)

And finally the present itself =)


Something which I really forgot about its existence since very long time ago =/

Owh well, I got very bad memories xP Forgive me~ LoL~

GOOD thing comes when you LEAST expect it. It's very true :)

On the contrary, when you expect things a lot, they tend to FAIL you.


Too many things happen recently, giving me such a big headache. Anyway I'm really glad that I'm now done with my Mock. Though I have no hope on my result..but still, it's over.

Having sorethroat, serious headache with a little fever now =( *sniff sniff*

Too much hope, or maybe it's a false hope from the beginning, is a very bad thing. Very bad indeed. Like seriously gonna break down, anytime.

I wonder how long I can stand still and watching everything as if it's nothing, trying to leave it as it is, striving hard to forget and forgive. Everything has a limit, and I might just give up, I dunno.


Owh well, anyway...

Gonna enjoy my sleep very soon ;)

Seriously lack of sleep nowadays

Gonna enjoy my sleep very soon :D
Owh !! My Moral =/
My notes are even incomplete btw~
Ding, can you sit beside me during Moral Exam? xD

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