Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dog, Dinner & Driving (stupid title) xD

Sorry for the stupid title, I'm out of idea how to give this post a title xD

MOCK exam is around the corner and I'm still relaxing =/ I'm supposed to be scared / worried by now and taking action to solve it i.e. STUDYING !!! .....God... Anyone slap me please? =/ Haiz... Where is the motivation, to push me to study ??? =(
Life doesnt seem so good now, there's things that always upset me almost everyday.

Btw, there's a day that I took a picture of my neighbour's dog, which always kacau my dog xP
And which always bark at people ( including me) for no reason =/ >>>

Dun wanna go too near it, later it barks at me again xD
The victim--my very innocent dog xD >>>

Looks very innocent and cute ryte? It's my dog, it's my dog =D *proud*
hehehe xP

Traffic jam again today, so dad went Summit to buy food and I had my dinner there instead. Went to this 'Black Canyon Coffee' restaurant and, hey, the food there not bad =) Maybe because I'm hungry ? xD Anyway since I'm eating dinner alone, I started taking pictures while waiting for my dinner >>>

Black Canyon Coffee
"A drink from Paradise...available on Earth"
Well, this sentence made me goes =="

I even went and took pictures of the Menu xD

Drinks ~ Ice Creams ~ !! =P

Food ~ !! Yummy yummy xD

And see what I found in the menu >>>

Benefits of honey ~ xD

Not bad though, they have two menus and there's some sort of tips in the menu =)

At last, my dinner !! >>>>

Forgot what name dy =/
But it was yummy x3 *except for the leaves/vege thingy, I dunno whether can be eaten or not =/ tastes weird... Felt like I'm eating leaves *imagining a giraffe* That's how my mom pujuk us to eat vege when we were young btw xD
*shaking away the giraffe*
After that, I started picking out all the leaves only then I enjoy my meal happily xD

Was lepak-ing around in Summit and I saw this very kawaii CJ7...Omg it's so cute ~!! x3 >>>

I wonder how much is it? =3
Normally people put bears for that, last time they came out with Kuma-kuma

and now even with CJ 7 ~ I miss the kuma-kuma =3 hehee..

Owh well... I really wonder when on earth I can start driving on my own... I always do mistakes (as in everytime I drive) and I'm always blur and will kinda lose concentration while I was driving halfway though...=/ Cant help it ><" Afterall, driving isn't that interesting to me..
To Yiyi and Ding, try not to wait to be my passenger, or buy more insurance policies before you get into my car next time xD
Very tired now...nitez people...And for my course mates, gambateh in the Mock !!
Anyone, motivate me to study please =/


ColzR said...

oh my...winnie looks so...
erm..duno how to say

wao,those food looks delicious. yum yum..

darren said...

u want slap is it?come,i help u...hahahah...and don have to be so bangga of ur cute dog la...aiyo...