Thursday, May 29, 2008

Few Days Before Final

Gonna have my final on 3rd, 9th and 10th of June! Time flies! This sem passed so fast, in a blink of eye I'm already so close to my Final. *gulps* So well, this should be my last post before my final then, have to set the right mood to study than online-ing here again.

Sweet chocolate. With a cycling doggie as model xD

A chance to see things that I have been ignoring / unaware about.
There are certain times when we are too busy for the scenery around us, even they are so beautiful. Was awake early in the morning today and got the chance to see the beautiful sky which I havent been really looking at for a very long time =)

View from my room.
Maybe there are too many things that we have left behind, or unaware about until we lost it. Or probably by any chance we got to look at them closely, and realized how beautiful or important they are in our lives.

Anyway, went back to sleep after that. Till noon only I wake up :P
Sometimes I love dreamless sleep. Maybe it's beacause I can't seemed to remember them. But I'd rather don't remember them sometimes.


The sky at noon.

When a small deed of yours put a big smile on my face.

At times I did feel like talking yet no one's around.

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