Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Heard a nice song from a blog just now and I'm kinda addicted to it dy xD ~

"Here In My Home"by various Malaysian Artistes For Unity. Some parts of the lyrics really meaningful though =)

Final is coming REALLLL soon, and my progress of studying is uber-slow. The result of staying at home will be : online, sleeping and me saunter around in my house ==" *stress* How am I gonna finish my studies if I continue with this kind of speed =(

Someone faster brainwash me / motivate me PLEASEEEEEEEE!! xD


Today is the 21st ;D

*Teehee~ teehee~*

Look for the sunlight. Through whatever obstacles that's in front of us.
Be persistent.

Cute little hedgehogs~*! :D

Well, as stated in da title, it's just pure ramblings here~ Audit paper is killing me *sighs* There are still a whole lot for me to figure out what are they~

Well, owh yea...for Ding who is having your driving test today...Gambateh~*!! All da best to u kodok~ xD

And for my coursemates...GooD LucK and GambateH as well ~ Dun giv up ;D We must pass CAT ~!!!

Cheers ~* =)

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