Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pampered x3

Thought of this topic when I was bored, relaxing, and lying aimlessly at my bed just now xP (tht shows how bored am I eh? ) Been relaxing and urhh.. at the same time busying on some stuffs which shall be done during this one-week "break". Didnt study during this one week though~ Now I just remembered what I said to myself after Mock : Gotta study after Mock ! I just leave this behind and placed "relaxing" and "enjoying life" as my highest priority by now~ Just see how I gonna struggle when it comes to my Final~ *gulps*

I think I'm 'pampering' myself by relaxing too much xP Lolz~

Anyway, back to this topic xD ~ *Pure ramblings for this post,people~* Well, as a girl I think all of us love to be pampered ;) No matter by who, parents, families, boyfriend, friends etc. Agree, girls? ;P

Okay, firstly~ I definitely pampered by my parents a lot, I have to admit it..Especially my dad. I think most of you knew it :P There are pros and cons lar, I'm happy and contented cuz I have a dad who loves and sayang me a lot, hehee~ But somehow I lost a certain limit of freedom, and at the same time made me become dependent on my family very much =/ *sighs* Anyway they just try to protect me from harms, I understand and appreciate their cares and loves, a lot =)

Sometimes we have to just pamper ourselves, to make ourselves happier xD ~ There's lot of ways to pamper ourselves though, such as buying things that we like, eating our favourite food *yumz~*, dress ourselves nicely, do things that we want to and so on.Hey there's actually a book with a title "2001 ways to pamper yourself" xD and here's a quote from the book:

Pampering means caretaking, indulging, making yourself feel good.

Enjoying nice food ~

Just read a 'self-love' list, and the very 1st rule : stop worrying so much. Hey that's one of my biggest weakness (Lol~) I dunno why sometimes I just kept worrying this and that ( for non-stop ) and ended up people around get sort of irritated. Sorry people~ I worry just for the things that I care a lot~ Anyway I try not to worry so much *try only* =P

Okayy, and for me, relaxing, lying on my comfy bed with my huggable toys is another way of pampering myself. Well, for those times there's basically nothing in my mind, or maybe some good memories that I treasured most =) Sweet memories recalling time for me, hehee~ and it's part of my routine everyday. Another way : Sleep more xD But don't overdo it, or else you'll feel even more sleepy~!! Sleeping is the only time we can dream, out of reality! That's the only time we can get ourselves in our own fantasy world, probably getting things that we could only get in our imaginary world, or do things that we have been wanted to do but we couldnt, and so on. Sometimes it's great to have such dream =) Excluding nightmares, of course.

Wake up early, get yourself a nice breakfast, enjoy the morning sunshine with a nice book =) Pamper yourself with the morning sunlight and knowledge~ Leisure reading sometimes helps a lot in our thinking. There's many things that affect us in our lives, and the most important thing for us is to stay strong and face all of them happily. Feel the happiness of enjoying the morning scene and fresh air =)

Urh hmm....and buying yourself things that you like =) Bags, clothes, earrings, sandalssssssss!!!! xD Just bought myself a pair of comfy sandals *loves* ;)
You'll definitely feel great after buying new stuffs :P hehee~ *For me it's very true..Owh yea, and soft toys too *heart* =) Though my bed and cupboards are full of toys, I still feel like buying them whenever I see cute ones~

Appreciating things that we have =) Well I dunno whether this considered a way of pampering ourselves or not, but since I'm kinda out of topic now so let's just continue with it, LoL..Appreciating and learning to appreciate things that we have will make us happier =D Look at the bright side~ I'm learning.
People, do tell me when I did mistakes =3

*yawns* Okayy I'm very tired now~ I think tht's all for today. Tell me other ways of pampering myself if you have any good ideas xD Nitez people ;)

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