Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank Youuuuuuu =) ~*

This post is dedicated to all my family and friends =) teehee~

Thanks a lot remembering my birthday, I'm so lucky to have you all as my friends n family ;)

Thanks to ::

1. Yee Fang
- For started to wish me birthday from 11.30 pm, hehe~ And cheered me up =)

2. Billy
-You are the 1st to wish me, thank you thank you~ Hehee, at 12am sharp ! xD

3. Emiko
- Thanks ya !!!!!!! hehee =) *hugs*

4. Kang Ping
- Heyy I didnt expect you to remember it actually xP ~ But..THANKS!! Whatever that happpened just be strong kay? Gambateh!! ;)

5. Evelyn
- Thank you thank you =D *hugs* You too happy alwyz~

6. Li XIng
- =) =D xD !! haha xD..Sorry I'm out of words now =/

*thanks for wishing me at 12am =) ~ *

7. Yee Fang
- Thanks again for the message ;)
(sorry for lazy to write all the 'thank you' again xP BUT.... I really appreciate it !! )
8. Catherine
- *hugs hugs hugs* =P
9. Fei Mien
10. Manoj
11. Si Munn
12. Chin Han
13. Darren
14. Wai Kent
15. Yiyi
16. Sin Hong
17. Xin Ying
- p/s : How you knw him 1 ar ? *confused* =P
For People who called me :: =)
18. Ding
- and thanks for wishing me in your blog xD ~
19. Kai Wen
- *kicks* how dare you forgot I'm the one who have the same b-day as you eh? xD hahaha~ Anyway at least you still called =D hehe~ I can feel your sincerity ;) Thank you thank you~ Take care !! Miss you lots !
20. Jinq Yeu
21. Yiyi
22. Hui Kee
23. Siew Kien
24. Fui Chin
*thanks for wishing me altogether even though you all are in Kampar !! Really touched *sniff* Miss you all, gambateh ya!! =)
For wishing me online ::
25. Mae Yan
26. Rayven
27. Teng Siang
28. Kok Chew
29. Kak Wah
* yee fang, boboy and ding again as well ;D
p/s : 30. Angeline =)
And finally ....
My Family =) *loves*

My Dad, Mom, Sister and Brother =)

Love you all !! xD ~*

This year is my best birthday so far, with you guys around!

p/s : I hope I didnt miss out any of you =/ Sorry if I did ~ =(


Okayy I've really been wasting my time and slacking since the study break started. Frankly speaking I didnt get a time and really settle down and study. *sighs* Now exam is really around the corner, and I'm feeling worried.

Gosh I even had a nightmare last night about me reaching the exam hall late and I just have approximately 30 minutes more to finsh the 3 hours paper. Okayy I know it's lame ==" But it's really scary for me (in my dream) Panic-striken, I didnt even know how am I supposed to do the question *cries*

I think now is the time for me to set my mood to study though it's a bit too late right now =(

Anyways, Gambateh yea my friends !! No matter in studies or in life. May we all be blessed! xD

Cheers~* =)
p/s : Evelyn, I love da music in your blog ~ ;)
River Flows In You - Yiruma Great music ! ;D


Snail Evelyn said...

hahaha ying~the nightmare u had,sounds real familiar 2 me. i think i had a dream which is almost the same last time when spm is round da corner lol~

gambateh oh,today should start studying dy lar~since u said the day b4 ur big day n on the day itself u didn't study =p jiayou jiayou!

ohz that song,i used to love kiss the rain more than this..long time nvr listen to yiruma dy until that day u put kiss the rain on ur bloggie. :)

Yingying said...

Okayy okayy I try my best xP ~

Haha I see...Both also equally nice ;) hehe~ I'm kinda addicted to the music in your blog dy, how? xD ~