Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sometimes I just wonder if someone is thinking the same thing as I do. Whether they have the same thoughts as I perceived, understanding my feelings at that moment. It's great to have that kind of feelings, you know, the feeling of being understood. It's just like you don't have, and you don't need to explain so much yet you know they'll get what you meant.

The place I've been longing for. Peace. Serenity.

Beauty of nature.

Sometimes we can't make everyone happy or pleased with what we did, or what we are doing right now. There's no perfect person in this world. What we can do is only continue doing it, as long as it's right. Follow the way we are. Do it the way we are supposed to do. Afterall, we live not for others, we live for our own. Leading our own lifestyle. Try to listen to others and change if necessary =) Good friends are just mirrors for us, reflecting our personality.

I miss the person who sent me this picture a lot =)

When we are controlled by our emotions, we tend to do things in an irrational way. Thinking negative stuffs won't make our lives better. Try it another way round. Try to gain control over those negative thinking. Look it from another angle, another perspective. When we understand someone more, we will look at things they did in another way. From their angle. Putting ourselves in their shoes. When things go wrong, think twice. What have actually caused that? Is it us who caused that?


One of my favourite pictures ;)

By coincidence I found out the title of that song. Sounds so familiar. Brought me back to the times when I conquered all that. So do you, I guess? For someone who might no even know the link of my blog =) "I Believe In You".
Trusting someone is not easy. It's built on the base of understandings and commitments. It bears the fruit of secure feelings. When you trust someone so much, there's will be no hesitation to believe them in whatever they do. To believe they won't leave you when you're in trouble. To believe they will give you whatever best thing they could afford. To believe they will care for you, and forgive you for whatever mistakes you have done, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The way we see things.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. For the same thing, people perceive different thoughts. Relationship with people around us is like a mirror. It reflects the characteristics of ourselves.

Dreams. Hopes. Future.
Optimistic is about finding the best explaination for the misfortune in the worst situation.

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