Monday, May 26, 2008

Greaaaat Memory =) ~*

Okayy today was a GREAAAT day for me. I'm so outta words now xD hehee~

Thanks to ::

Ding, Billy, Cath, Emiko, Steff, Evelyn, Teng Siang, Manoj, Mae Yan, Rayven, Kak Liza, David, Raajiv, Suganty =)

* List provided by Ding =D

Thanks to you guys !! Loves~* =)

Special Thanks to ::

~*Billy *~* Ding *~* Teng Siang *~

For teman-ing me to choose present =D Though I dunno it was for me at the 1st place :)

It happened that Billy asked me to help him to choose present for his friend who's going to have her birthday soon at Pyramid after class with Ding. Well, since I have spare time ( while waiting for my dad to fetch me ) so I just followed along :D

Billy fetched the three of us ( me, Ding and Teng Siang) to Pyramid. We all talked a lot and I cant even remember why I laughed at tht time :D ( I remembered that someone named Ding talked a lot of crap - if I'm not mistaken =D ) I wont fetch Ding even when I got the permission to drive on my own, hahaha xD ~ He's like kept on giving false warnings that there're cars at the back / wherever when Billy trying to reverse his car. I would have got panicked easily if I was the driver, ishhh ! xP

So we went around finding for cute toys, first at Memory Lane, then I-forgot-what's-the-name shops. I cant recall the name =/ Owh okay, something Hinode? Then S&J, then Living Cabin. We walked around, and went into other shops in between :P In the process of choosing the 'right' one, they have been asking me for my opinions and I wasnt really aware of that until I really think back now (okayy I know I'm dumb =/ ) Anyway me and Teng Siang got ourselves something during the search for the present :D He helped me to carry my stuffs and I have forgotten that I have actually bought something until I saw him holding a big orange plastic bag. I would have left it somewhere else and totally forgot about it until I came back home if he didnt hold tht for me. ( This explained how I forgot my bottle,file and wallet )

Finally we went Jusco and we found a cute doggie ~* !! hehee xD

Take 1. Cant see the doggie's face properly.

Take 2. GreaaaaaT ! =)

Two busy people with sleeping doggie =D

I kept forcing Ding to take picture with the doggie and..... he refused !!! A lot of times somemore *shakes head* People won't look at us if you just posed faster lar haiz... xP

After that Teng Siang said, " Be the man, do the right thing!" And well, here it goes a picture of him with the doggie xD ~ haha


I was practically forcing all of them to take picture with the doggie eh? :P

At last..Reluctantly he was forced to take picture >>


Gotcha! xD

*kena tipu that I have taken his picture while he was doing the first pose*

After paying for the doggie we went back to college, and 1 thing I found, they were so funny while they were in the process of finding a parking =D And I'm lucky enough not to worry about parking-finding problem yet, hehee~

Looks so innocent *hugs*

*name me pleaaaaseee?* xD

*hugs again*

New hairstyle xD

*okayy I know I'm childish*

*who cares, I have been so kiddy today fooling around with them* =D

*I'm just soooooooo happyyyy now*

A big THANK YOU to you all *hugs* ;)

* I looked so =.= in this picture*

To my dear sis, hope you can be strong to face all the obstaces underlying, and strive to be happy. There's only one way to live your own life to da max, it's just about loving yourself more. May you be blessed and no matter what happens, you'll still have me by your side =)

Just be strong kay? Stick to your principle, hold it firm. Believe in yourself. *hugs and sayangs*

- When we share our happiness and sadness together -


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~*whitesheep*~ said...

i am so touched...=)
hehe...yaya..we share our feelings together..supporting each other..*(^V^)*hehe..gambateh my dear sis...