Thursday, May 1, 2008

To My Dear Friends =)

I love the scene :) Very much.
Thanks a lot for cheering me up and, all the best to you :)
And hey you're funny ;P
Hope you will be happy alwayz ~ !!!

People come and go in our life.
Some left great impact in our lives.

Longing for a holiday, a long break.
To spare myself from everything.

There's sunlight behind the cloud.
There's always hope in future.
I hope so :)
p.s : I love the black and white picture most, though I dunno who's that in the picture ;) It's warm to see such scene. A picture says it all.
- due to some reason I shall not post it here :) -
My dear friends, don't worry too much about me kay? I'm okay *winkz* hehee~
I can sense your worries in the way you talked to me. I know you care about me all this while, even if I was busy with my own affairs and been not so close with you for quite some time. But I assure you, you are always my close and one of my BEST friends ever *hugs*
"What are friends for?"
I will always remember this ;) You really gave me a big big support when I needed it so much. I'm so touched when you said that, really.
Thanks for everything ya :)
And sorry for making you so worry :P You are a GREAT friend, indeed !!
I feel really lucky to have you as my friends ;) *hugs again*

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