Thursday, May 8, 2008

Audit Revision Class ~

Finally done with our audit revision class ~!! Really exhausted these few days though, kept copying notes (almost non-stop) for 3 days. During one of these days 2 ladies came in and gave us some guide notes about registering for the next intake. If I can pass all my 3 papers then I will be able to proceed to ACCA next sem. Time flies! The memories of leaving my secondary school, registering for CAT, starting my whole new college life are still fresh, and now, it's already 1 year plus and I'm proceeding to ACCA soon ( If I can pass !! ) My goodness...That reminds me of how close I am now to my Final and I'm so unprepared. Yes, I'm really unprepared, especially for my Audit papers.I didnt even have a sound grasp of what audit is and what those procedures and so on.

And the worst part is, if any of us couldnt pass one out of three papars, we have to stay in CAT, to pass tht particular paper only then we can proceed to ACCA, which means we have to waste MONEY and TIME (6 months time) as well. Could feel a sense of worries when thinking the consequences of failing any of the papers. *gulps*

Okay now, I need motivation! Lols. Need to be motivated to study. Been sleeping a lot these days *infected by people around me* xD hahaha~ Been relaxing (with a sense of worries deep within) Been telling myself to study yet I kept finding excuses for myself to postpone it to later days. I am worried yet deep down I am being lazy to start my studies.

tallying the days with fear =P

Anyway, few things happened these few days =) Firstly would be the belated celebration of Darren's birthday ;) Click here to see the pictures if you want to. Forgot to ask people to take pictures using my phone though *regret* What to do, I'm so forgetful, till now also I forgot to ask about my lost file and bottle at Pyramid. *sigh* They have thrown it away I guess? Wanted to give him a surprise but attempt failed~ Since he saw my message with Kak Liza, aiks~ hahaha xD Anyway it still went on quite good =) hehee~

Okayy, next will be the answering question session in audit class. Ding has been saying that he wanted to get the ball ( Whoever kena the ball thrown by Mr.Jay or those who answered the previous question heve to answer the next question ) so that he can pull people's hair ( the so-called 'tiger pose' ) and ended up me getting the ball.

Note : I'm sitting in between Ding and Darren.

I hafta give 2 answers and I only managed to get 1 correct...So, unfortunately, Ding was the one who kena xP I'm sorry Ding ~ hehehe

And lucky you sitting beside me also ;) *you know why I say this* You seriously have so many enemies, arent you? xD

But hey I didnt pull hard, you should be thankful =P *deep down I felt thankful cuz it wasnt the 'lotus pose' or 'lotus-tiger pose' * So embarrassing lar my goodness =/

Hmm hmm, I think that's all for today~ =) Cant think of anything to blog by now~Byeee!!~*

*taken before paper 9 mock exam*

Special thanks to David for arranging the 'love' word xD
Didnt see him for a few days ady though~ Isnt he supposed to join Mr.Jay's class? =/

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