Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday Celebration =) ~*

Whee~ My 19th Birthday today~ xD *dances around* haha..Well, thanks a lot yea for people who remember my birthday and some of them even sent me messages sharp at 12am *hugs* thanks a lot ya~ This year would be my happiest and greatest birthday so far =)

This post I'll just talk about my birthday celebration 1st =P Since today's my BIG day so I decided to rest ( skip studying to be exact, although I didnt touch my book starting from yesterday =/ ) Anyway had an early celebration of birthday on Thursday with Darren =)

Thursday ::

Drillbit Taylor
Okayy I cant deny that my memory is really bad. I watched that movie just like about 2 hours ago and I cant even remember the title of the movie. Aiks. When I went back college that time I actually told my friends that I watched 'Grillbet Taylor'. Okay now that's bad right? xD Haha~
Had our lunch at Chili's after the movie =) *yumz*~

Monterey Chicken

Flame-Grilled Ribeye ( I guess?)

After lunch he dropped me at college, and well, that's all for Thursday~ =)

Friday ::

Got an early present from my family =3
That's my sis' writing and design, nice lerr? *proud* xD

Froggie Card xP
And a small present from my dad in addition of my angpow =3 *loves my dad* hehe~
Didnt expect him to buy anything for me though =)

A simple photo frame with ...drawer? =P

Whatever he gives me also I'll love it for sure ;)
For everything he gives, it's to make me happy and good for me.
A friend of mine told me that I should actually thank my mom for bringing me to this world 19 years ago. Well, he's right =3 Thanks for teaching me so many stuffs in my life ~*
Saturday :: -24th May 2008 -
Finally ~* =) hehe.. Woke up with some messages awaiting *happy*
Some of them I didnt expect them to know / remember my birthday though~ Thanks again! I appreciate it very much!!

Going out with my loving family members =3
My parents have some work to do so we just celebrate in the afternoon~

Happy Birthdayyyyy to myself~* =) hehehe

Went The Curve. Eden.

Fried Mee

Seafood platter ~* =)

Lamb chop (Can't remember the name, sorry :P )

Desserts ~* =D
Soya bean with PEARLS
Love thise PEARLS~* x3
After this drink I'm way too full for my stomach's capacity~
Looking blurrrr xD ~

At first I wanted to try those cakes there ( Jelly cakes )
but it turned out to be...urhh... so kiddy, with all those Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and all those cartoons shaped

This is my birthday cake =) ~*
Mixed Fruit Cake.
Will update soon I guess,
Bye people ~*
And a big THANK YOU for my friends and family *heart* =)
When my day become different with you all around me.


kahwah said...

happy birthday to u,
happy birthday to u,
happy birthday to chuying,
happy birthday to u!

happy belated birthday!!!!

Yingying said...

thanks a lot!! I tho u forgot dy tim xD ~ *hugs*