Saturday, May 17, 2008

These 3 days~

It has been quite some time since I last updated my blog with things happening around me, so well, here it goes~

Hmm...been rotting at home before paper 7's EDC/EFC class started, online, eat, sleep, watching dramas, studying (at the same time watching drama so = nth goes in my brain) ...Hey I'm not at college okayyy, what do you expect? xP...Being at home is too comfortable and there'll always be endless temptations around you, pulling you to do other things instead of sitting down and facing the textbook and study. Don't blame me~ *runs away*

Phewwww....T7 edc ended at last, and I'm soooooooo exhausted right now. I'm really glad that I can now enjoy my days at home, though it's quite boring also with no one talking to xD
To be very honest, my brain was dead by this morning ( the last day of edc) Basically I was doing those calculations wrongly and kept bugging Ding and asking him why this why that xD At last I gave up (since my brain was 'shut-off' by the afternoon) and just practically copying the answer blindly...urhh..I'll review them...I guess?...Hmm...why huh? T8's edc wasnt that tiring also =/
My eyes from O.O ( semangat-ed at the beginning,haha xD ) to =.= ( half-asleep and tired) and then to -.- ( brain dead) Hahaha xP

Same book mark for both =)

Quite enjoyable though, even just listening to the conversations of people around xD I wasn't eavesdropping *shows innocent look* =P Anyway the 'how now brown cow' ( it's spelled like that, right?? ) and the 'cicak berak kapur' were the memorable ones for me ;D Hahaha~ So funny lar you guys.

Owh yea owh yea, suddenly remember something ( my memory backs!!! ) that irritated me this morning. So it happened that we were supposed to collect our answers for EDC/EFC pack and off we went to the store to get it. ( the whole group of us, normally if the whole group go to get the revision pack they won't ask us for student ID card and they let us collect for other people as well, some more today Mr.Jay called and asked them to release the answer for us I think ) And the woman in charge demanded for our student ID card and giving excuses for us not to take for other people. Come on lar, if they let to us take the revision pack for our friends then the line will definately cut down a lot okay? It saves their time to give out one by one also.. I can't really remember the reason she gave but it wasn't a reasonable one, seriously. So when I asked for 2 answer pack she kinda refused to give by mumbling some excuses, but I just found the name and asked her, "Can I get just one more answer pack?", pointing at the name and looking at her.

Reluctantly she ticked the name, and with disgusted look she took a crumpled answer pack (okay lar just the front page and the edges) instead of a nice one and gave me. She was about to take a nice one and she spotted the crumpled one, straightaway she took that for me. I meant, what I really mind wasn't that crumpled answer pack, it's her attitude. Can she be a little bit nicer to people? Hey we didnt insult her, and last time also she made a big fuss over a small issue during her supervision of T8 (Mock, I think?)

Owh well, anyway I shall not talk about this again, just suddenly remembered that :D Sorry people~ And hey now I remembered about my long-lost bottle and file. Went Pyramid today after class but well....I forgot to ask for it again. *sigh* What to do? ...Owh nevermind I shall just let them go xP

cute bear~!!!!! =3 *heart*

I can rest now dy~~ xD Hehehe~ I wanna take a nice hot bath, snuggle up in my warm and comfy bed and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!! Bye people~ ;D

p/s : Read a blog of my friend and some of her words really struck me. Suddenly realised how close I am to my Final. Everything moves in forward motion, most of all, TIME !! Time flies, and now I'm still unprepared for my exam. The action of tallying the days to final really get on my nerves *worries* By the way, the next thing you see, I'm sleeping / online-ing / watching drama nicely at my home *help~!!*

-during study-

Gambateh my friends !!!~ xD
Bye ;)


Catherine said...

hahahaa how now brown cow!

Yingying said...

yaya xD
especially kak's story =P