Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1 paper DOWN !!


*kill* xD ~

Hoorayyyyy!! Done with paper 7 !! teehee~ *dances around* =D Two more to go~~ Paper 7 was okay for me lar, at least they didnt come with those insane calculation questions, and bomb us with theory questions such as "what is roling budget? what is blah-blah-blah which I dunno wht they are" *phewwww* hehehe =)
Well, anyway I forgot to bring my calculator into the exam hall ;P I know I'm a faaaaaailed accountant =X I just have the funny feeling that I have forgotten something before I went into the exam hall but I cant figure out what's that, and so when we were given time for reading the exam questions only I realized : MY CALCULATOR !!!

After that I just rushed out of the exam hall to get my calc =P
Anyway after I came back home my sis told me that my mom told her "Dunno whether your sis got bring her calc anot" after I went out =/

new friend!! ;P ~*

Whenever I feel bored studying I will just take pictures of my doggies and the sky outside the window =)

Reminds me of cotton candy =/

Stairway to heaven xD

The cloud shape is always different =)
*I took all those pictures right at the same spot

I hope the exam ends fast *sighs*
My brother and sister are having their holidays now and enjoy themselves watching tv, online, going out and resting *double sighs*
And I have to feed myself with audit and tax for the coming 5 days !!! *triple sighs*


*sniff sniff*

I miss hoildays dreadfully!!!! =(
For now I'm placing the stuffs I gonna do after my exams as the highest priority. Cant stop thinking of where I wanna go and what I wanna do after my exams, even during study :D
My friends, go out after my exam perhaps? ;)

"Hi! Friend"
I cant stop laughing when I saw the smaller doggie (possession of my sis).
It's actually nothing funny about it, but I'm so used to the bigger doggie and the small one just looks so funny =D
*okayy I know I'm crazy* xD

Found a drawing of mine which I drew it very long time ago =)
Drew it 5 years ago probably, I'm not so sure, but what I'm sure is that I wont be able to draw this again =S

Study study study study study =/ *unlimited sighs*


Catherine said...

Omgudness where you found another small doggy?!! so cute lah! ding or manoj..(i dont rememba..) said that the doggy which manoj gave is similar to the biggy one you have. so you're having the mother!! urm, or father? ehhehehe so cute!

*ignore my crappiness.

Yingying said...

hehehe yea they are in one big family now xD
Urrhh..not very big yet, juz three of them ;P