Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls Day Out

Temptations~* ;P
Yummylicious chocolates! Given by my cousin :)

Funny Panda~! Look at its expression and it's enough to cheer your day up~;P

I have a question : Why is the Panda's father a duck??? ==" Whilst it's grandfather, great grandfather are also ducks O.o?
Owh well, back to my Day Out with my best friend since primary school, Yee Chien ;)
Miss her loads!! It's weird though, we are studying in the same college for half a year and yet we didnt meet each other, even ONCE!! =X
Decided to go Mid Valley for a walk ( and movie ) the evening right before the day we went out, hehe~ Yee Chien fetched me to ktm station and off we both to Mid Valley.
I have to admit tht I'm reaaally stupid =X It's the second time I take ktm ( 1st time is when I was in form 4, took bus and ktm all the way to Sunway Pyramid ), and I felt so silly asking her so many stupid questions in the ktm >.<
Finally we arrived Mid Valley, safe and sound xD Went makan before we walked around, shopping~* Well, been walking all day long and at the same time our mouth didnt rest as well, haha~ ;P Amazingly ( maybe not tht amazing, just that I didnt really expect that) we can still chat whole day long, right from the moment we met each other till we parted =) Reaaaally enjoyed the time we had together! ;)
Went for this movie >> Get Smart after walking around for few hours,

It's funny !! But at the same time made people goes O.o Lol~
But overall it's great, and Anne Hathaway is HOT ;D
Had some desserts right after the movie at Sweet Chat =)

Snapped this pic for fun xD

Grassjelly with Kiwi!

Pulut hitam with Tong yuen ;)
Yummylicious~* But it's better if you share it with people, if not it'll be too sweet~ =)

My lousy skill xD hahaha


Durian Pancakes!~* :D

Me Love~*! I like this pic's colour =)
Went back by ktm as well, and it's awwwwwwfully packed *gosh!* The first time ever I felt like a sardin fish in the ktm, lol! I should be very grateful that I have a car, or that my dad's willing to fetch me. When the ktm reached a station, people from outside trying hard to squeeze themselves into the ktm while people inside the ktm trying their best to squeeze themselves out of the ktm as well...Pity us who standing in the middle of them! Ishh~ Been pushing back and forth and luckily, we just have to stand that for a few stations *phewwww* Even when we standing without holding the pole, we still wont fall as the ktm's packed with people ==" Just that we have to keep an eye on our bags and pockets.
There were three girls who laughing all the way in the ktm, a woman who was irritated by those people pushing around and pursed her lips with an annoyed expression, and a Malay guy who looked at the people standing around him with mild interest as if we were something amusing (yah including us) =="
Owh well, I shall not take Ktm at those peak time again~! xP
P.s. It's gonna be 1st of July very soon! *gasp* ACCA life! *sighs* I hope I can have more holidays =( But at the same time I miss my friends sooooo much! Hope you guys have a enjoyable holiday too ;)
Tata~* =)

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