Friday, June 13, 2008


I have been longing for holidays since long time ago, but I feel so bored at home ==" *sighs*

At times we hoped for something very much, but when we get it, it isnt that great as what we expected.

*ignore my crappings*

So for this hoilday I just either online or watch these >>>

Pokemons !! Heee xP

But it's nice~ Some of them pretty touching =3

Something from an email that I received >>

The story is about an discussion why people talk loudly / scream when they argue. It's simply because when they argue, the distance between their hearts id very far away from each other. On the contrary, some couples talk softly, or they don't even need any words to express out their feelings, because the distance between each other's hearts is very near.
Having severe headache today and last night *sighs*
Hoping that everything will be fine.

Suddenly remember a story which most of you would have heard before ( I think ). Just a vague recollection of what I remember =/ *apologizes for my forgetful-ness* xD
Given situation :
You have a car, there's a person u like waiting for the bus, a doctor that have saved your life before, and a old man who's seriously ill and need to be send to the hospital urgently.
Who will you fetch?

The old man, perhaps?
There's actually no exact answer for this =) Someone answered, " I would give my car key to the doctor to bring the old man to the nearest hospital, and I'll just wait for the bus with the one I like." Easy answer. But how many of us will actually think of that?
Sometimes we are just holding something we have tightly, without knowing if when we actually let go of it, everything could be better. Guess it's something that I have to learn by heart.

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