Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Finally exam's OVER !!! =D


Never did I feel so stress (except for SPM) this before for my exam and I dunno why =/ This sem is sooooooo stress + busy + loads of problems *sighs* Even after T9 exam I didnt have the feeling of 'exactly relieved' also~

I screwed my T8 ~ and T9 *sniff sniff* I hate the examiner !!! " DO-YOU-KNOW-HOW-MUCH-EFFORT-AND-TIME-I-SPENT-ON-THOSE-ARTICLES ???" Pfffttt-ness man!!

Well it happened that I have mistaken the venue for my T9 paper and I went to the wrong class, lol..Anyway after I reached the wrong class only I got to know that my exam venue is at Monash Block!! So I quickly ran there and I saw a booth (whatever you called it, got two woman standing there right in front of a board stating the venues, guiding people to their exam venues) And I approached the booth to ask for my exam venue.

*there's two lady, with one of them is that woman I dun like since last time that EDC pack issue =/ So, L1 = lady 1, L2 = lady 2 which I dislike :P

Me : Err, excuse me, my number is 0417, may I know where's my venue?

L1 : Owh it's beside Mr.Teo office, you know where is Mr.Teo's office ryte?

*when I was about to answer her*

L2 : Aiyo she dunno lah, she from Sedaya *emphasize SEDAYA word, at the same time pointing at the board with a big word of SEDAYA, smiling proudly*

L1 : *turned and looked at me* You are Sunway student?

*I havent even have the chance to answer anything*

L2 : *approached me and pointing towards Mr.Teo office* Okayy you walk straight, then turn right...

Me : Owhh okayy thanks *runs*

Lol. =="

Tax paper was harder than expected, again I felt that very bad feeling when I was doing Paper 8 (Audit) *sighs* I was sooooooooo sleepy during the paper 9 exam and I felt like I gonna seriously dozed off anytime =X I kept copying the wrong figure from the wrong column, and for Question 1 itself I spent vast amount of time there correcting my wrongly copied figures with a =_= face *sleepiness*

After I finished my tax paper I still got lots of time and I flipped through all the pages of my answer script without looking at the contents ( feeling as if I have checked my answers) then straighaway zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz XP~

When the invigilator announced the time has ended for our exam, some of the candidates actually saying " Yesss!!" "yeah" "MERDEKA" Lol. Hahaha~ xD

Weeeee Wang Wang =) Wee Wang Wang ~*

ps : Looking forward for the gathering!! Miss you guys lots~* =3

pps : I feeling bored now =/ What should I do?


Snail Evelyn said...

Hahahha...i know who u meant~that auntieeeee...specky n skinny auntie!! i was with u at the dungeon tat time..XD~ swt one lah she..Every time also this kinda attitude. When i read the conversations u had with both of them yesterday,i cant help but keep laughing.. =p

Boring?? Watch Happy Birthday ~ hehe. Don't waste time away just like tat o,we only have approx 3weeks from now. too SHORT T____T

Happy holidays! :D

Yingying said...

yep yep tht woman! xD She arr *shakes head*

Owh yea!! Forgot that I have that movie ler, hehe~
Yea three weeks is too SHORT !! I need 3 months !!! Hahaha :D

Happyyy Holidays to u too ;)