Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Day Out - The Curve

Saturday.Went The Curve dating with my sis today xD ~

Went to this restaurant for lunch : Vivo~*
to live, be alive ;D

We have been walking around looking for the restaurant that suits both of us, as both of us having different tastes and opinions~

Grilled Chicken Panini~* ;)

Eh my phone can take clear pictures! xD


Went for ice-creams right after our lunch :P teehee~

Yummylicious Green Tea Ice-cream~* :D

Well, for this whole day me and my sis just walked around in the curve and Ikano, did some shopping, and owh well, eating ;P hehe~ I used to walk there around alone last time, hehe, but it's definitely better to go shopping with my sis as she always gives great opinion on which clothes / necklaces / shoes etc to choose when I'm undecided ;)
I always spend lots of time on deciding which clothes / necklaces / etc. to choose, and for today I told me sis to wait for me outside the shop for 15 mins, but ended up she waited there for too long and went into the shop instead to rush me xD I nearly forgot that she was waiting me outside the shop when I saw all those accessories and nice clothes ( yah I know I'm a very bad sister :P )
It's has been so long since last time I went shopping? Guess I'd have to say bye to shopping and relaxing after the next sem starts *sighs*

Cute Pendrive =)

Been longing to watch "Kungfu Panda" and at last I got to watch it todayy! Funny movie~ ;) hehe! Go watch it if u havent! ;P


Kent said...

the curve?
so near leh...
i went to 1u tht day, haha...

Yingying said...

haha yea, I wanted to go 1U at 1st, but then after that decided to go the curve haha xD