Thursday, June 26, 2008

Outing @ 1 Utama

Shall start my post with these adorable toys *melts* xD ~ Awwwwwww they're UBER cute, arent they? =)


Went 1U with Cath, Steff, Emiko, Siewlin AND Ong. He's da only guy there, haha! Owh well, dunno whether he'll still be willing to tag along after that? xP Miss you gurls sooooooo much!!

Watched The Incredible Hulk, overall it's okay although some parts of the story seemed hanging a bit. So me who don't really know the storyline of The Hulk before this ( hmm I think I had watched it before but it's like so long ago and I couldnt recall any single thing ) watched it with loads of question marks popping in my mind. I love the part when the hulk saved the girl...Awwwww so touching =3

*Haha I know I'm silly, hehehe ;P
Next time I'll check whether my camera's on only then I take picture okay? xD


Took sticker photos - yeah 6 of us, including Ong! :D

At sinma xD

-I thought I was smilling? =X-

The sticker photo!! =)

Cath and emiko, who's busy cutting and dividing the sticker photos

Picture, again! :P

Looks nice eh? =)

*Heyy I wasnt ready =(*
My stupid expression >.<

Steff, Emiko, Siewlin

Siewlin curled her hair!! =)

Our very first picture together, hehe!

We looked so garang =="

This one nicer xD teehee~*

Candid. By Ong.
*Getting ready to take picture! *

Now everyone's here ;)

Started snapping random pictures after that

Bear with the blurry pictures cuz everyone's moving around, hehe

Cath also taking video dy ;P

I'm taking picture as well! ;D

At last, everyone targeted at him xP

Went shop around for cosmestics and Ong hafta follow as well :P

Owh I started miss you gurls now =3 hehe!
And and...I love da sticker pictures so much!!~* ;)
Took me 2 days to finish this post =X Lazy me :P

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