Sunday, June 15, 2008

Of Gathering & Visiting Showhouse

Went a German Restaurant near my house with my secondary schoolmates on last Thursday *loves* !! xD Havent been meeting them since long time ago, hehe..

Well, so me as usual, watching movies at home since morning, waiting the clock to strike at 6~ then Kai Wen came to fetch me, with Kak Wah and Si Munn in car dy :D It so happened that all of us wear BLACK without prior notice ;) teehee~ telepathy telepathy heee!! =)

So we went to pick Xing zhuang up nearby Carrefour after fetching me, and off we go makan~! Hehe..I purposely left my stomach for the dinner ler ;D Thanks for Kai wen for being the driver for we four girls ;) hehee~* We all laughing all the way from the beginning till the end, haha you guys really funny lar :) Xing Zhuang changed a lot too ! Take care ya during the protest =/ Lol. All the time we kept chatting and it took us quite some time to make up our minds what to eat :P

I felt so comfortable talking with your guys, a lot! Even when I was merely listening =) Really miss da times when we're in the same class..and heyyy, I just realized something !! The four of us ( 4 girls ) sat beside Kai wen before !! As in sitting beside him during class !! Hahaha~* Si munn sat beside him during form 4 whilst me, xing zhuang and kak wah took turns to sit beside him during form 5 ;D

Si Munn, me and kai wen
Xing zhuang and kak wah =3
I told my parents that I'll be going back at 8 sth but ended went back at 10sth =/ Sorry lerr~ My dad usually sleep quite early if he has no work to do but I think he waited until I came back, walked downstairs, looked at me,only then went back to his room and slept. Ahhh, my dad =3
Hmm, suddenly remembered a personal message of my friend : The Best Lover >> Dad =) *of course it's for girls
Come think of it, it's really true. I'm the very first to agree with it *hands up* xD ~ Well, I know no one will ever loves me like my dad does, and I'm sure that he''ll sacrifice every single thing for me without any doubts =3
I *heart* my dad x3 heeee~* And a very Happyyy Father's Day to him too!!
We didnt celebrate Father's Day today actually, I just did a card for him..and owh's too ugly to be presented here ;P

Went to have a look at the show house near my house today and it's really awesome!!! How nice if I can stay there *awwww...*

I'll take this room !!! xD ~

Big dressing room~ I waaaaaaant !!

View from the balcony~*

This black and white room again ;P

washroom =)

I cant stop taking pic of this room =3

I wish I could have a study room this BIG ~*

Another study room~*
Obviously there's much better designs there but I don't take to take so much pictures of them with people following us around =/ Later I kena halau :P

Well, anyway that's all for this post :)
Byez ~* ;)


Kent said... munn n xing zhuang,
so long time dint see them both.
feel like they disappear alrdy, XD
anyway, pls dun forget wat u said
b4, i am here to remind u, haha!

Yingying said...

hahaha okay okay!! I promised ;)Eh u have to find a day also wht, which day u free? We go watch movie! xD