Monday, June 30, 2008

To choose or not to choose?

Receive a call from Sunway College few days back, well actually I received 2 calls but the first time I was in cinema and the second time I was driving so I didnt pick up - and I ignored, or to say I totally forgot about it later on, thinking it might be some wrong phone calls.

When Ding asked me whether I received any calls from Sunway College only I got to know who's the one calling me twice and what they called me for, i.e. to ask me whether I will be able to make it for a talk by BDO Binder and Deloitte regarding ICAEW.

Called them on the next day and got the details of the talk, including the requirement to dress formally on the day itself and prepare our resume for both of the firms. At that point of time the information I get regarding ICAEW is pathetically little, since I wasn't paying much attention when Mr.Jay mentioned that earlier in our class, thinking that it would be irrelevant to me. ( Yeah so this type of attitude is killing me ) Anyway, I have never been for any interviews before and never in my life ( so far ) prepare a resume / CV. Owh well, this means that I have to learn how to write a resume then :P

Preparing a resume is a tedious and a you-wont-feel-like-doing-it-again-work for me ==" Took me whole Sunday to get it done, and I didnt prepare myself for any interviews in advance though I have asked my cousin's opinions and suggestions.

Discussed the pros and cons of studying ICAEW with my parents and my cousin even before I get further information about the course. My cousin asked her ex-boss, who is a council of MIA before, and he said that ICAEW is much well-recognised as there's only a few on them have such qualification compared to ACCA and this will certainly boost my career. And from what I got to know so far, Mr.Jay mentioned similar points as well, whereas some said ICAEW will only be helpful at the starting of our career, the most important thing is our performance at work in future *dilemma*

Went to the briefing today and it sort of changed my mind ( I have not that much of intentions to choose ICAEW before this ) Anyway gotta get more info about the training contract / employment, of which I think it's the agenda BUT that's the thing that they placed less emphasize / didnt mention it at all. Yea I know ICAEW is much better than ACCA as it consists of training and practical experiences, which would an advantage for those who choose that, so what I'm concern is about their contracts.

The pros and cons of ICAEW :

Pros :

- Being able to get better understanding of the subject studied ( especially audit !! =X )
- Can get salary xD ( I'm earning $ , I'm earning $ ! )
- Get to learn more ( in aspect of working environment, social life etc )
- Hmm it's not considered as advantages but they did provide study leave, which is better than none, right?
- It's kinda win-win situation for me actually, 'cause you cant expect people to provide you with RM30,000-40,000 worth financial support for your course fees + salaries for your working without requesting any repayment from you ryte?
- The training contract is for 5 years, which is the same with ACCA ( 2 years of full-time study plus 3 years of working experience )

Cons :

- No life. =="
- I may get lazy and that would be a very bad thing for me
- I have to sacrifice my lovely weekends! *sniff sniff*
- Can I even pass my T8 now?????? *sighs*

Actually everything is just nice, the only thing I'm worrying about is the working part. *sighs* Why working is a MUST ler ?


p.s. People, please give me your suggestions / opinions on which path I shall choose~ =) Thank you so much!


Kent said...

i dunno wat is the lvl of ICAEW,
so no comment on tht.
if juz see the offer, actually is quite good, n quite same to singapore's tuition grant scheme.(which I am going to take)
the only different is you dont have to repay them, I have to, haha....
ya, the problem is the working part.
it is a must, becoz they are not doing a charity here, haha...
so its all up to you.
support any decision u made.

Yingying said...

Hmm in syllabus part it SHOULD be almost the same with ACCA, from what I heard it's harder than ACCA but I dunno in which aspect =X
Hopefully I meet someone who is taking ICAEW now and can give me useful opinion xD hehe~
Yea...and I'm not really prepared to go work by now although the salary is quite attractive xD ( Since what I got now is just pocket money )

Thanks a lot ;) hehe~

waisi said...

welll dear......i hav just taken my last acca exams in june 08 and i hav been worrying abt my future too...i had plans of icaew since i started my acca but now every1z bogging me down on dis decision " its a waste of time its a dead body now!!" waz my teacherz comments....den my manager at EY in my area said " now dey hav made icaew too eazy its same like acca, icaew has granted so many exemptions to students of other qualifications dat dey can easly get dis membership, icaew is desperate to have young members n its on its last jourrney perhaps" besides i read from a website accoring to survey by 2023 more than 55% of icaew members wud be above 55 of age !!!! now its better to ask ur manager about dis membership before going for it n plz do tell me wht he or she said abt it ok i wil wait for dat

Yingying said...

waisi - Thanks for dropping by and ... sry ya I dun have the tendency to read back the comments after certain time so I have missed yours~ Really sry~^^

In fact I'm still a student currently studying in Sunway University College and I'm not working, anyways, I've asked my cousin's opinion, whose boss was a ex-member of MIA, he strongly recommended ICAEW as it's considered to be better than ACCA.

However my main concern is that I hafta work and study at the same time so it'd be tough for me. So I didnt choose to do that course.

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