Friday, July 4, 2008


This will be a rojak post whereby I mix all those tiny tiny things in this one whole post :D *reminds me of SS15's rojak* Okay let's don't talk about food now =(


Finally I have made my decision not to take up ICAEW, hence I choose not to attend the interview as well :D ( Lazy larrrr wanna go there for interview while I dy confirm tht I wont be taking the course ;P ) I still wanna be lazy for two more years :P And with my english level do you seriously think I can go out and work? =="

Anyway, good luck to Jovan and Wei Chian, whom I knew so far they decided to take ICAEW, and good luck to Ding, Liyun and Ethan as well in their interviews ;)

Watched Hancock on the 3rd of July after our Law class, (yep I'm taking Law this semester and hopefully I wont die xD ) 13 of us ( I think) went for this movie together and we took the whole row :D hehe~ The storyline was okayy lar, it wasnt as good as I expected anyway. I expected it to be..hmm..more action-packed, and I dun really like the ending whereby the main actor and actress cannot be together for the rest of their life =(

Why the ending of the movies nowadays like tht one eh? The incredible hulk also =( I love happy ending :) Even though in reality there would hardly be any happy ending. To not be pessimistic, but just to be realistic. Normally we would expect things to go our way, yet in fact someting would just go wrong somewhere and all the wishes, dreams and hopes will be just a big big impossible. I meant, come on, it would be a rare case if everything in your life ( even in ONE particular day ) just follow the way you want it to be ryte?


Somehow my dad's considering to let me drive to college. Finallyyyyyy :D

It's not 'implemented' yet but at least I MIGHT have the chance of driving on my own ( Gosh I feel so nervous =X ) When I wasnt given the chance to drive on my own I was so looking forward to tht and now, I kinda wish someone can fetch me everytime :P I'm so forgetful and clumsy, I might just forgot to lock my car, or forgot where I parked my car whatsoever...And someone please save me okay when I'm in any trouble? Okay okay? Thank you xD hehehe~! And book one parking place for me ar if you can, thank you so much :D ( Planning for my future, hahaha! )


The new semester just started few days ago and so far it's okayy...I miss Ms.Shanta and Mr.Jay =( Wondering when we got the chance to be taught by them again? :) I'm taking law, performance management and tax this sem~! Yiyi I'm taking LAW lerr~~~*sniff sniff* We'll never get to escape from the fate of studying this subject, lol~ Let's pray I wont die okay? xD hehe~

Okay I think I somehow forgot what I wanna blog about =( Maybe I will get Alzheimer's disease when I'm old *gasp* I hafta really pray hard so that I wont get it *cries* =(


kah wah said...

u can do it!
jia you!

Yingying said...

haha thanks!! How r u now ;) Having fun at aust?

yee said...

chuying ar~~~
it's your turn to take the LAW le!!!
really suffering...
i cant tahan it lar.. XD
anyway... i hope u can do it very very well la!
just jia you la!
dun be so lazy yo! ok?


Yingying said...

YIYI !!!!!!
This is the 1st time you left comment on my blog oh =) *huggies*

I miss you sooooooo much~! Hopefully we can meet each other soon :)