Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Of Dark Knight and My Lame-ness

This is what I get after putting it into the washing machine T___T

Do you guys have any idea of what it is actually? =X

Went for "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" and "The Dark Knight" recently and both of them are GOOD, especially The Dark Knight, awwwesomee ;) It's really good in the sense that it is one of the movies that actually make people THINK ( okay maybe just for me ) about what kinda message they wanna bring out through this movie :)

This one would be greater if you watch the 3D version =)
*if you dont mind paying double price for it ;P

p.s.Christian Bale is sooooooooooo good looking :D Hee!

*spoiler warning : don't read the following paragraphs if you gonna watch this movie ayte :)

This movie is awwwwesome!! I dun mind watching it again, so yah, anyone wanna watch it? I just tag along lar, haha =D

At first I tho batman is gonna die ler *Ding's fault* xD But I really feel sorry for him, I meant, Batman :(

Can you imagine how much of burden lying on his shoulder yet he cant just left it? Poor thing =(

Heath Ledger ( The Joker ) and Aaron Eckhart ( Two-Face ) are superb actors, like seriously! Especially Heath Ledger!! Man he's so good!! No doubt I have expected much more when I heard so much of compliments about this movie, yet it didnt disappoint me. In fact, I actually thought of a lot of stuffs after the movie i.e. about human nature and stuffs like that. Joker thought that people would actually ended up in fear / being selfish and kill each other before they were killed. Of which I think people would actually act in that way ( with kill-them-before-they-kill-us thought ) in reality. There're just so many things that we wont know until the last minute, ryte?

he’s a deadly, dangerous, semi-suicidal psychopath who also happens to be brilliant

I love the parts when the Joker appeared! =) And the way he said : Why so serious? and Let's put a smile on that face. It really made the hair at the back of ppl's neck stands =S Can you imagine when he said that to you? You will NEVER know what he gonna do next. Owh ya and the part when he said sth about people get scared and panic when he's to bomb the hospital instead of the army, they panic just because it's NOT in their plan. People plan a lot, and whenever things don't go as what they planned, they get panicked and everything goes haywire.

Scary though, when I thought of his expression when he retold how he get those scars on his face =X I meant, not scary as in his expression or whatsoever, it's the unpredictable acts that he's gonna do. *btw there's two version? =X or it's that he's just merely creating stories? That part I dun really understand though

And not to forget about Aaron Eckhart ( Two-Face). When a good man just turn into someone so cruel and full of hatred feelings deep within him right after the death of her fiancee. Is it his true nature underneath his decent face? ( though he became two-face after that because of joker ) Or he's merely pursuing justice in another way?

It's so shocking when someone's characteristics could be totally distorted in just that one incident, in that one day, in that one change of mindset.

Anyways, the two-face made me went 'urhhh-oh-my-god' with hands clasped on my mouth :( *I actually did that almost all the time during the movie* So scary weyy, with the eyeball bulging outwards like tht >.< So O-M-G.

Okay I have been talking so much on it. And I still have more to talk! :P I think I dreamt of one of the scene before =X Seriously. Although not exactly the same but something like that which made me kinda shocked at the time I watched it 'cause I had the dream so long time ago- before I knew this movie is coming out. Cath said I can become the producer of movie ady xD *proud* hahahahaha~! Lol.

*end of spoiler* :D

Some said boring but some said it's superb *and yah, including me! ;) hehe!

I'm soooo gonna watch it again. Oh ya, and the Kung Fu Panda which I wanna watch again :)

Waiting for the WALL-E movie ~* Awwwwww it's uber cute don't you think so *melts*


Gonna settle the moral thingy tmr perhaps, hopefully it'll be alright *sighs*

Today I was telling my friend not to give so much of attention on moral 'cause it's nothing much and as long as he did the course and do whatever the requirement he'll savely obtain a P.

(vague recap)

Me : Moral nothing one lar, just do the course work can pass dy.

Him : Huh yameh? Meant no need to study?

Me : Yeah no need to study, just tembak. Very easy one.

Him and his friend : But you failed worr....?

Me : ...........*oh-so-stupid*

*I forgot that I failed my moral*

Ishhhhk !!!!

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