Thursday, July 10, 2008

Of memories & random stuffs

- Just wanna be myself -

There are certain things that I have not prepared to face so soon, perhaps. I may still need some time for myself, and I'm trying my level best to achieve it :)

Emo-ness strikes sometimes, and I'm glad that there're friends who willing to listen to my crappings and console me :P Thanks a lot ya =)

( p.s. thanks for the 'someone' doc as well :D That's a really nice one )


Hmm hmm, finally my new sem started dy and so far I'm still...quite free :P

Okayy lar there's something basic that I have forgotten and I got rather irritated by myself when doing those class exercise and so forth =( *sighs* Plus I'm having Law this sem, and I'm pretty fear of it, due to the bulk information that we have to 'swallow' ( not 'absorb' xD ) Why must we have at least a theory paper each sem eh? *sniff*

What the point of forcing us to memorize so much at a time huh? *By now I ady forgot T5 :P

There's something that I'm sooooooo DISSATISFIED. The timetable. A 3-hours-class per day and I have to travel all the way from Kepong to Sunway. Sheer waste of petrol and time. Although I was rather delighted when I 1st saw the timetable ( cuz I expected our class to end at night, or that it'll be packed with classes, according to rumours :D )

AND one of the lecturer *double sighs* I just got so ANNOYED with that teaching method of this lecturer, but too bad, she's the only one for this particular subject and there's no option but to continue bearing with her *triple sighs*

This is seriously testing my patience. Half a year weyyyyyyyyyy :(

Anywaysss...went to this vegetarian restaurant with my DAD at 1 U :)

Awwwwwwesome interior design ! ;)

I can see myself in the mirror~ :P

Fish head Bihun

Mung bean soup!!! Me Love :D

( p.s. Yiyi I lazy to cook that worr, next time we go there and eat larr xD hahhaha )

Green Tea~* Love it! =)

Another outing with my friends the saturday before my new sem started @ Mid Valley~;)

Cai See and Me =)

We 'dumped' the guys at Chilli's and went jalan - jalan ourselves at Gardens xD~

Got so interested with their designs and we went and 'observed' the streams ( those at the back of Cai See :P )

She's a very sweet and nice gurl =)

Miss you loads~*!

Kai Wen had to carry our bags since both of us were so slow ( to went back from Gardens to Chilli's to meet up with them ) ;P

Both of us refused to take it back and kai wen ended up carrying it all the way in the mall :P hehehe~ I know I very mean lar, BUT i discovered something also, which is- kai wen's so gentleman xD


In the washroom at Gardens.

This picture made him looked 'one-eyed' hahaha xP~!

Went for 'Get Smart' at Jusco Kepong, and I watched it for the 2nd time. Not bad though, I discovered, or to say I noticed some parts that I didnt really pay attention to when I watched it for the 1st time :) hehe

Talking about movie...I'm so looking forward to watch this movie >>

The Dark Knight

This movie looks awesome :) ~*

My baby milo T-shirt =D


my doggie outside my house :P

Owh I miss those in this picture sooooooo much.

And this.

I don't think we could ever gather back as it was =(

Anyways, still miss you guys and the time we shared a lot!! =)

p.s. crappy connection and something went wrong with my computer :( *sniff*

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