Friday, July 18, 2008

Rants rants rants.

My recent life is not going on that well.


In fact it has been very bad for me.

*pause again*

Life sucks man. T_________T


Quite a few things that happened this few days and I dunno where to start now =X

Hmm, just talk about the 'driving on my own' plan, which has been 'terminated' so far due to my lousy driving skill and lack of concentration =(

At 1st my dad planned to let me drive on my own to college back and forth from this week onwards, and just right before Monday he told me that he'll just continue following me. Felt slightly disaapointed, I nodded. ( Actually deep inside I expected that ady )

2nd time is on the Wednesday. He was planning to let me drive to college on my own on Thursday since my Friday class ends at 6pm, while my bro and sis' class ends at almost the same time as well. Knowing the traffic jam that we all would suffer if he fetch either of us first, he actually considering to let me drive to college. So, Thursday would be the 'trial'. Guess what? Right before I going to sleep he came upstairs and told me he'll just tag along on Thursday. I burst out laughing okay =X Well you might think that something is wrong elsewhere with me BUT that kinda of response from him was what I expected too =) No disappointment this time.

Anyway, the worse thing 'officially' started on Thursday whereby my relationship with my dad became very, very sour onwards. ( In fact I was having a very bad mood since I-dunno-when, and I could get irritated VERY easily ) I 'overlooked' a bike and nearly bang it :( Sounds scary eh? I'm sure that I looked left and right before I drove out of the junction, BUT I didnt see that bike :( Maybe it's dark ( that time was just 6am sth ) or something blocked him or whatsoever, I get scolded like sh*t after that *sighs* Not to mention that I forgot to make sure my house gate closed properly before I drove off-and I got it from my dad as well. He started picking on my mistakes and everything I did seemed wrong in his eyes. EVERYTHING okayyy? I kept quiet all the way from my house to college though deep inside I was really really angry.

Ever since I started driving last year, NOTHING I did would satisfy him.

Bah! I know things that he did is for my own good, but I'm in a real bad mood now, so just let me rant on these kayyy? =(

Well, the cold war between me and my dad begun since then, with both of us treating each other coldly :( I didnt wanna make the first move. I'm always not the one who make the first move. Anyway he kept quiet all the way when I drove to college. For the whole journey of around 40 mins there was only the sound of car engine.

I started 'fight' back this evening, whereby I have mistaken the place he asked me to wait for him, and he got uber angry because he has to rush to fetch my bro and sis. Not totally my fault though. Communication breakdown. And so I fighted back by pointing that he's not giving instructions properly blah blah blah. My patience and anger reached the boiling point and I couldnt just keep quiet anymore. He got very angry 'cause I argued back. Normally I would just keep quiet. But I didnt overdo it, didnt say anything bad or whatsoever, I merely protested that I wasnt the one who shud be blamed. Who knows if I get thrown out of the car after that. I dun wanna walk all the way back to Kepong kay :D

Rants rants rants.

Proudly present to you my moral studies' result....

An effin' F

I felt so so so upset =(

even though I didnt really take moral seriously.

even though I cant really believe it.


I hafta re-do it if that's really my result kay? *dammit*

Moral studies isnt that easy kay?

What the heck.



Why it just have to go this way? =(


My new cutie a.k.a 'mui tan xi' ( kindly pronounce it in cantonese :D )
It's from Totoro if I'm not mistaken =)
Cute eh? =)

A lil' present from my sis :D

Evidence of Ding torturing my cutie =(

Beat him for me =P


I need to chill and relax, to get away from all these...

Hoping things will go back on track

or at least just dont be that bad for me can?


So tired of all these, including those involving my personal life.

p.s. Got a big surprise yesterday :D It feels good to meet someone you really know in the same college =) Heyy, if you so happened to be reading this, a BIG thank youuuuu kay ;) Really happy to see you there! And hope to see ya real soon!~* :D
p.p.s. Evelyn, I updated it ady, hehe~! :D See till now also I havent change my blog skin :P


snail evelyn said...

I was shocked too when i get to know bout ur moral result. It's so impossible, i was thinking ppl that actually dun deserve a pass also can pass why not u?? There must be something went wrong somewhere le. Find mr. Michael yar~ dun get too upset YET... =)

Hmmm, whatever it is, ur dad cares alot bout u, and u should know mar, if he nvr nag like this, u might take things for granted! And at the end maybe something worse will happen? Don't get into cold war with him lar~ It's always good if u as a daughter be the initiative one to take the first step. No one loves us like how our dads do. :)

Hope things will eventually turn out to be better for you in the coming week! *support support*

Yingying said...

Thanks a lot :)))
Yah I'll ask Mr.Michael *sighs* so mafan lerrr =(

I'm a bad daughter >.<"
Anyways now he n I shud b okay dy bah * i hope so* =)

Thanks for your support!! *huggies*

Catherine said...

Hey ying ying..
I got very upset as well to have seen you all down and quiet.. This might be a very heavy test from God. But you know what you have done, everything will be alright.. and no one has right to have control over your feelings. And I'm glad that you're getting more cheery now.. hopefully the 'naughty' chuying will BE BACK SOON! hehhehee. HUGGGIIIIEEESSSSSSSSS... till u go flat. ehehehe!

Yingying said...

Thanks a lot :)))))
I knew you were worrying for me n steff tht time...appreciate it loads =)
Now shud be okay dy, and I just called Mr.Michael, hope everything will be alryte..
Yah if I become naughty then I'll keep disturbing you :P
Later u dun complain ah xD

Lots of luv~! HUGGIIIESSSSS! :D

liyun said...

i was waiting for u to update ur least i can noe how u feel...dun so upset la...fully support to u ^^

ravy said...

No matter what's happening, cant doubt that ur dad lurve you very much, he cares and concern you, that's why he nag you, tat's how he show his lurve towards u~ after calming down, take initiative to talk back to ur dad ba. will be alryte soon.

was surprise when found out about ur moral result, there muz be something went wrong somewhere, even admin ppl oso cant believe it, think they will help you too, find Mr Michael to help too~ dun disappointed yet.

stay strong~ everything will betta soon. *huggies and 100% support*

Yingying said...

li yun - Hmm I called mr.michael dy, but i will only get to knw abt my end result on tuesday =( So guess I'll update after I knw my result :) Thanks ya!~*

ravy - :)))) Thank you~* Yah me n my dad talked back dy, hehe :P
Hopefully sth actually went wrong somewhere, I dun wanna re-do moral again >.<

Thanks everyone =)