Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Genting Trip~!

Group pictures~* =)

-these two pictures stolen from cath's facebook,hehe- =P

Heyy guys sorry for the delay =P and now I'm posting about my Genting trip ;D hehe! Here it goes~

-17th June 2008-

Went Genting with Emiko, Steff, Cath, Manoj, Nikesh, Harish, Vikrum ( Sorry I dunno how to spell his name), Victor, Stefanie, Ong and Joseph. 12 of us in total~! ;)

Reached KL Sentral at around 7.30am, had my breakfast there and met with Joseph at McD. After that they came one by one, and we managed to get the bus tickets at 11am. And luckily, there's 13 seats left, which is just nice! Victor's dad followed along because he had to verify the booking that he made. So 13 seats is just nice for 13 of us ;D

While waiting for the bus, we were chatting and reading magazines at the bookstore nearby.

3 girls in the KL Sentral washroom ;P

*I know I know...we looked ghostly pale =X *

Joseph xD~

Candid shot by emiko :)

-some of the pictures here taken from emiko while some of them taken by me-

Sweet couple =3~*

Another pair xD hahaha~ *runs*

Emiko and me =)


Having our lunch at the food court while waiting to check-in

The Kimchi chicken rice I had is very yummy~ Busy eating so didnt take picture of it ;P

The food there's expensive~!! Joseph spent RM22 on curry and naan =X (if I'm not mistaken)

In first world hotel, waiting to check-in.

It's crowded with people~! The whole picture ( use the amount of people above multiple by 7 or 8 ) =X

Mind you, it's just LOW SEASON~!! Can you imagine when it's PEAK season??

- At the outdoor theme park -

Joseph's attempt create mist xD

We Girls~! :)
I looked so =.=

Steff and Me~

I dunno why I have this kinda expression =X

I dun dare to ride this thing =/

In fact after the pirate ship, the spinning cup and the spinner, I couldnt take it anymore =="

I'm soooooooooooooooooo dizzy after that spinning cup @_@

4 Girls ~! ;)

Haiz Siewlin missed the fun dy =(

Cotton candy became a MUST for us after all those rides xD

We all felt better after taking sugary stuffs :)

Especially me~ Hee!

Right after the spinner, when 12 of us were still together...
(just a vague recollection of what happened, not 100% exact)
Me : I feel so dizzy =(
Cath : Yingying you want some sweets anot? It's better if you take some sugar..
Me : It's okay, nvm..
Cath : You sure you don't want?
Me : *nods* it's okay...
Few minutes later, when people all went off for different rides ( some of them went for corkscrew, some of them went for the fun kart )...
Me : Cath?..Do you have any sweets?
Lol. =="

The guys :)

I see no evil, I speak no evil, I hear no evil ;P

The picture I love the most !! x3

As you can see, how misty Genting was

I love the weather!! x3

My Marrybrown Pandan Chicken

Emiko and Me in the cable car. Sorry I lazy to arrange the pictures again

Looks nice isnt it?

Our very first ride, The pirate ship!!

I wonder why Victor's expression went like tht xD

Joseph xD

*see his expression.Lol. :P There's actually a video of it, taken by Emiko

Vikrum and Harish

Now only I remember that I forgot to take picture with Nikesh!! He's UBER cute!! :D

At Indoor theme park

I love the bumper car!! It's FUN ;)

Emiko and Joseph


Ong and Me

The Guys.

Can you find Nikesh?

*tips : Look around Manoj ;P

Many funny things happened on that day :P Firstly, me, emiko and steff planned to return Joseph's jacket which he left in our room. After emiko pressed the door bell, three of us just have the sudden urge to hide and off we ran to hide ourselves at the turning. When we heard them opened the door, we ran further, emiko and steff hiding behind the door, while me hiding at another turning. I joined steff after that, and the clumsy me pushed the door accidentally and it closed with a loud bang. Well they definitely knew where we were and off we ran all the way along the corridor, with me pulling emiko and steff running behind us, holding a cup of maggi mee xD hahaha~! My goodness, I cant stop laughing whenever I think of that!

Btw, the corridor is seriously scary, with no one there! As me and emiko running along the corridor, we have the same feeling of : Something is not right. And I just said " Let's go back" and we just turned around and ran all the way back towards the guys room. And, owh well, steff running with her cup of maggi mee in her hands again xP

We were laughing non-stop when we finally met Ong and Nikesh, who came out and find for us. Then off we went into their room, while Harish and Vikrum were still outside finding for us xD hahaha~! Lol~

After awhile we were exhausted and we girls went back to our own room to sleep. (Nikesh sharing the same room with us, and he having one of the room cards) We've forgotten that he's still at the guys room and we locked the door from inside. All of a sudden we heard someone trying to open the door, followed with a loud bang! The three of us were scared and we were screaming while jumping onto the bed hugging together. Gosh!! Finally we discovered that it's actually Nikesh who opened the door but he couldnt open the door fully cuz it's was locked from inside. Phewww!! Poor Nikesh xD

Right after emiko let Nikesh into the room, she opened another door ( the door for joint rooms) and asked steff to see whether got people there anot. Well, we screamed again ==" I know it's super funny if we look back now, BUT can you imagine when you actually see..... owh well, I dun wanna continue =X

-18th June 2008-

We went Snow World on the next day and it's quite fun! But the time given is so short =( And guess wht, we were given free ice-creams in the snow world~! Yummylicious~* ;)

As a result of taking out my gloves to hold the ice-cream, my fingers went very painful after that ><" And and...my toes too! Even they're wrapped with socks and boots.

Anyway, we met Michelle and Yong Mei there at Genting! Such a coincidence ;)

Bye bye Genting =(

Joseph claimed that he looked handsome in this picture xD

Owh yea, thanks for the belated birthday present ;)

Exhausted. Tired. Lack of sleep *yawns*

Overall it's a GREAT trip :) *loves*

Hope I can join you guys again next time!! ;D

P.S. People, you can read another version / see those pictures from here =)

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