Thursday, February 21, 2008


Sometimes we feel like going back to our past, when we were young, no sadness, no worries. But we cant.There's no turning back for life. Sometimes we feel like the life keep on fooling us, feel like not doing anythg, feel like dun wanna care abt everything and anything. Sometimes when you keep telling yourself tht you have to be strong, yet tears juz keep rolling down the cheeks.

Sometimes u juz dunno wht u should do, wht u really want. Lost. Sometimes u dunno whether you are doing the right thing anot. No idea. Follow ur heart. But is ur heart leading u to the right path? No regrets ? Life is juz full of conflicts. Yes or no. Left or right.
Sometimes we will have to choose, following our heart. Whether it's right or wrong, there'll be answers awaiting in the future. All we can do is juz hoping tht it's the correct path and move on. Once we chose wht 2 do, juz put all our heart in. For wht we chose, accept it and love it. Afterall, it's wht life all about.


darren said...

aaww....don worry,i shall be ur teddy least i hug back...waakaka...don worry,life is like that,let time tell and let the path show u the way...then u can learn and u will be wiser the next time...

LizHahn said...

Yeah.. me too! I'll be your teddy bear.. ;p

Yingying said... nice lar, got 2 bears for me ady XP