Wednesday, February 6, 2008

R3uN!On D!nn3R ^^

At last it's time for my reunion dinner !!! yay!! And for my mom, after whole day working in the kitchen, thanks a lot!!!! XD
Well this is my brother, ( he is very tall - for a form 3 guy, taller than my dad, i guess ) Heeeee...and we are waiting 2 having our dinner XD I forced him to pose 1, hehehe =P

Now only I realised that this is the first time I took the picture of our reunion comes my dinner :)
Got steamed fish, prawns, pork, chicken, vegetables ( x2 ) and soup :) All taste sooooo nice that we ate so fast, haha...n my mom was like ==" : I worked whole day in the kitchen and u all finished them in bout less than half hour ??!!!?
Hehe, sorry la mom, too tasty ady =P

Anyway the pictures a bit blurr larr, all because of my hp...the camera not good lar, haiz...At 1st I wanted to take picture of all of us eating, but that time too busy eating XD hehe...

Different angles>>>

Here comes another 1 : ( I cant stop taking pictures of them lar, soooooo tempting ) =P
I felt soooooo happy today, not sure what's the reason, but I think mainly because it's Chinese New Year Eve and I really appreciated that we ( my family ) can still sit down and enjoy the reunion dinner together, since nowadays we seldom eat together ( because the timing difference - sometimes I went back home late etc ) It's a new year soon and I really hoped that we can still enjoy the reunion dinner every year, nope, everyday XD hehe
Hope everyone have their memorable reunion dinner oso, and once again, H@ppY Ch!n3s3 N3w Y3@R !!!!!! :)

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