Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fr!D@Y ~

Nothing much happened this few days, Tuesday I stayed back for moral studies, so had to wait for abt 7 hours ==" , since I wasnt attending Mr.Jay's T8 class. Dunno when only we can switch to Mr.Jay's class officially and permanently... >.<>.< ( actually this paragraph was written on dunno wednesday or memory lost dy...cant really recall wht happened XP i think i went CC too on Tuesday..izzit ? == )

Went to college on Friday, early in the morning (7am sth ) lol...met one of my secondary school friend, kinda shocked to see her there...didnt expect her to do accounting, some more in Sunway College...anyway happy see her too, hehe =) David and Darren reached there early also...After this Darren went for basketball and Kak Liza came...and we first chatting there...and after that both of them started playing games in the handphone...

See how concentrated they were =)

And congrats for Kak Liza for completing the snakes game, hahaha XD Kak, u now ady mastered Snakes ryte XP hehehe...

Anyway from early in the morning until afternoon we rotting in college...well, after that we went CC oso, but since there got no place so we juz sat at there chatting and Kak Liza started learning Tamil from Suganty ( she joined us at CC there )

We waited until 1.30pm for Kalvinder (her class ended at tht time) then we all went Sunway Pyramid to have our lunch...which is at The Manhattan Fish Market!! =) Well, first time been there and the food there was very nice !! XP hehe...Ding dun jealous arr XD who ask u go back melacca,hehehe =P I ate a baked fish with Garden Herbs...aiks forgot to take the picture of my lunch...haiz =( Anyway we all were chatting there after finishing our lunch, and Kalvinder, Kak and David started playing with the leftovers by adding in salt, pepper, BROWN SUGAR and COKE =="...hehehe...after that Kalvinder asked the waiter to take the food away, but somehow he thought we wanna take away the 'masterpiece', i think..lolz XP haha...After lunch me n Darren went to watch the guys play futsal and Cath was there too... =)

Oh ya...few days back I went to a pet shop with my dad to buy dog food for my dog , hehe...And here's a picture of my dog..She's very clever =) haha
She kinda know I was taking her picture when I faced my hp camera at her and she juz ran away ==" have to take liddat when she was unaware XD >>>

Okay go back to the pet shop story XD I saw a vry cute Mini Schnauzer there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg it's so cute larr....but too bad I cant take picture coz the workers there keep looking at me =="...Anyway here's a picture for illustration purpose...lolz XD the dog really look like cute !! XD >>>

And I saw bunnies there too...which is oso vry cute !! They kept sniffing and jumping around when there's people coming in to the shop =) Well, cant take picture of them =( so this one is oso for illustration purpose XD haha >>

Never will I forget 21st of February =) It's a very meaningful day for me and I'm very happy now =) Thanks.
*Dun really like my hp camera ==" XP

HAPPY ALWAYZ !!!! (^-^)


Mithrandir said...

haha i'm a filial son ok :P such a "great" friend... keep keeking me when i'm not there... waitla monday sure kena d one :D Kekekekekeke

darren said...

hahahaha...oh yea,u will kena on monday gao gao...erm,21st of feb..sound very familier..wakaka...jk...don hate ur camera,is ok what...very nice ady ma...

Yingying said...

ding-u see who kena lar on monday XD better get prepared with ur holy candles XD hehehe

darren - =.=....yameh? original picture not so nice n clear =(

Sookie Cath said...

WHAT 21ST FEBRUARY?! THURSDAY RIGHT? oooooooo....*winkwink.

david-dd said...

yoyo... i love the first nice... and OMG...take my pic without my permission...hahah.... the dog is so cute...the rabbit si so cute...all cute lar....kakaka