Monday, February 11, 2008

BoR!nG D@Y

Today is the same as yesterday, which is my relatives coming to my house...and we children have nothing 2 do, juz staying upstairs doing our own stuff...boring ler...lazy to do hw juz post something here :)

Here is the Stefanie Sun's song >>> Tong Lei *孙燕姿-同类
(which is quite old ady, but I like this song )

And another song of hers, Wo Huai Nian De * 孙燕姿-我怀念的

this is the piano version >>>

Well soon after posting this blog me n Jojo started playing games >>> quadratic equations, hahaha XD well, this showed how bored we were...Jojo's going to give tuition to those poor children this night and now have to practice some of those questions, hehe !! So after 3 questions he wanted to bet ( eg loser have to ask Mr.Simon,which is our Paper 9's lecturer, 3 questions and before asking the question have to snap the fingers like him, going around greet our classmates Happy CNY and have to shake hands with each and every of them ) ==" So of coz I dun wan XD hehe...after that my mom called me 2 help her downstairs ( my relatives coming over today ) and before coming up I saw a greeting card, which is for me, haha XD Long time didnt receive this kinda cards through mail ady =) felt soooooo happy now, thanks lar Jinq Yeu :)


david-dd said...

CHIEH you like YANZHI AR?!! Im a FAN ler crazy one too... haha.. crazy about her...voice..KAKAKA!!

Yingying said...

yeah her voice vry nice =) like almost all of her songs, hehe XD