Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It's Chinese New Year Eve XD !!! I'm getting excited (coz gonna be Chinese New Year soon !!!) but at the same time I'm feeling vry vry boring at home...haiz =="

So I went downstairs and help my mom 2 prepare for today's reunion dinner :)

It happened that my sister already downstairs washing the vegetables, so I went along and help oso.Suddenly.....she discovered a snail on the vege ==" It's a vry small snail>>>

the little snail ( it's dead anyway) =="
And guess how my sister killed it? She killed it using the dish washing liquid XD haha~ anyway i got to take its picture before it's being thrown away :)

Been checking my files these days and saw all my secondary friends pictures....omg I missed them so much lar !! haiz... Long time didnt meet each other ady...Eveyone is busy with teir own affairs, some going overseas, some ady started their college / university life...some still waiting for reply, some still is some of the photos...>>

our form 5 class trip 2 Lanjut

a bit too far ...anyway, from left : munn, kak wah,hui kee n me XD

dunno whtz d name for this game ady ( forgetten XD )

at last the picture we took for yiyi's birthday XD

I missed u all soooooooooo much lah hehe

Aiyo why la so hard 2 arrange all these pictures derr....T_T Anyway the good thing is.... All Done!! yeah !! XD

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