Thursday, February 7, 2008

Th3 1st D@y Of CNY

It's the very first day of Chinese New Year and today we planned to go to my aunt's house ( which is juz beside our house ) and my grandpa's house as well....I slept at 1 something yesterday ( coz my neighbours have been playing firecrackers and it's sooooooo loud that I cant sleep until 1 am sth ) so today I woke up at 10 am sth ( i guessed ? ) and then prepared to go out.....

Quite undecided at my dressing room.........XD anyway whteva lar..

* put it oil paint effect .... but doesnt seemed to have any effect =="

Didnt take any pictures at my aunt's house coz we juz went there for a while...then we went off to my grandpa's house which is located at Taman Overseas Union...And here comes the picture of it...>>>
Well, it's a vry vry old house, and my dad lived there since he was born ( that house might aged more than 60 yrs old i guessed, which is bought before my dad was born )

The front yard view from inside the house >>>

Here comes my brother ( drinking Vitagen XD ) >>>

And me playing with my phone >>>

Then we get so bored that we finished all the peanuts and Vitagen XD >>>

My relatives and dunno what was my little nephew looking at ? He and his sister running and playing around in that house :)

Time passed soooooo slow and we were so boring there, eating and chatting among ourselves ( me, my sister and my brother ) See my brother's boring look, hahaha XD And that's my hand, heheeee...

We stayed there until 3pm sth then only left....and we all were so hungry then we went to the Secret Recipe nearby to have our lunch...Here's my mom ( dunno why she showed that innocent look XD ) >>>

And I'm busying choosing what to eat, too hungry ady, heheeee =P

After this we went and bought some dried fruits and plum coz we are going back Johor tomorrow ( so that we can eat it in the car ) And I saw some dried strawberries and kiwi....Yeah kiwi !!!!! Heheee I like kiwi soooooooo much larr XD so I bought some of them and some dried mangoes...But going back home that time I ady started eating them =P ( some only lar, not all , hahaha XD if not wht am I supposed to eat tomorrow lerr ;)

I'm so looking forward to go back Johor tomorrow lar =) Cant wait to meet my relatives and grandma larr... Dunno how are they ady....Aiks havent pack my stuff oso...Still deciding what to wear ;) ...Going to update my blog after coming back from Johor =) HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR =P ( dunno how many times saying it ady )


darren said...

fulamak....ada modeling pose sial...ahahahahaha....not bad not bad,can masuk american next top model....hahahaha...bty,ur mom so young looking...thought is ur older sis...hahahaha...

Yingying said...

my mom sure vry happy after she know this, hehe XD

Mithrandir said...

a little mad and bored now so just dropping by to kacau :D and when go johor drop by here la :P haiyo.... anyways happy new year =)

david-dd said...

FUHYOH... CHIEH posing somemore.. HEN XING GAN!!!! hahaha

Yingying said...

aiks >.< so pai seh