Wednesday, February 13, 2008

B@cK To Coll3g3 !!'s the end of the CNY holiday and now it's time to go back to college again...Anyway some of them changed, some still the same =) Cath's still having her back pain ( u better go see doctor again ), Steff 'did something to herself' ( hehe =P ), Emiko bought a new phone and Siewlin changed her poodle to a mickey mouse ( year of rat, she told me ;) )!!! XD hehe ... Darren and Ding had their haircut, and so do Manoj...=) ( Ding ur so-called haircut no difference lar XP ) Everyone looks nice larr...
Some of them brought cookies and Ding even made the dunno wht ( I dunno whtz the name lar, juz eat only XD ) Although it's a bit too oily but tastes nice oso =)

Yesterday and today not in mood :S haiz...juz now 2 fellows talking nonsense to me and I was like mood so bad ady still wanna challenge my patience =="...whteva...haiz

Anyway today me and Cath saw Li Xing and Darren sleeping in LT4 and cath took the pictures of both of them using Darren's handphone, hehe...should have save them in my phone, so that I can post it here =P boring juz now so I've been searching for my favourite kuma-kuma's picture ( Kak Liza, since u got Mr.Hahn, I oso got my kuma-kuma XP ) hehe

Cute right ;) >>>

I typed "kuma-kuma" for Google Search and look wht kinda result is this ==" prawns ??!!
Cath, this is it !!! >>>
Oh ya, Ding, sue them for finding the wrong thing for me XD lame=.=

And is this kuma-kuma oso???!! ( Darren is that u ? XD flying panda ) =P

Well tomorrow will be the Valentine's Day and seems like ppl are having their plans XD
So I should have my plan oso...Kak Liza, tomolo we go dating ar? XD haha
Anyway hope everyone enjoy their Valentine's Day and
H@ppY V@l3nt!n3 D@y to u all !!! =)

How I wished I could migrate here =) Peace.


darren said... liow,flying panda bear meh...i don mind being ur flying panda bear lo...wakakaka...anyway,nice pic...very cute and funny...hehe...

Yingying said...

haha dunno who took tht picture oso XD but tht little panda's soooooo cute, hehe =P

LizHahn said...

Wahh.. u curang aa.. curang with kuma².. Only me who can curang ok!

Yingying said...

hahaha XD who ask u to curang 1st..XP u cant blame me, hehe