Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First Time Blogging

Well...it's the first blog i wrote ...

Nothing much happened recently, except for the tiring last week...coz we are having a charity food fair at our college just to raise funds for the Stepping Stones Orphanage. The food fair started at 31st of January and ended (happily....at last !!) on 1st of February. We managed to raise RM 1001.30 ( including contributions from group members ) Thanks to all the

group members that helping around for the food fair ;) Some of them baked the cookies themselves, some driving in and out to buy pizzas and J Co Donuts...and of course the remaining ones staying at the booth there selling our 'goods'.. The list of food n beverages we are selling are as follow : Domino Pizzas, J Co Donuts, cookies/brownies, cocktail, float and ice-creams.Oh ya, and lollipops too !! Pizzas and donuts are the most attractive 'goods' that

pulling the customers to our booth, whereas some of our group members have to go around selling lollipops and cookies. Anyway the food fair ended at last, and we managed to get profit ;) Now i really cant wait to go the the Orphanage to help out. I wonder how it will be.

Chinese New Year is near and this year would be a little bit more special, coz....i'm going back to Johor Bahru to visit my grandma and relatives!! Normally we wont be going back to Johor to celebrate Chinese New Year, but since my mom really missed grandma n her brother and sisters, we r going back this year!! Hehe...I wonder how my cousins look like now, hehe ( since I long time didnt go back ady )

Sunway College is giving us holiday earlier, however I'm getting bored staying at home =="...haiz...anyway that's why this blog created by ME, hehehe =P ( too boring ady)

Btw, the food fair pictures i grabbed them from my friend's blog =P That's all for the first blog, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone !!


david-dd said...

there first comment...haha... got blog also never tell me... so sad.. (T0T).. hahaha..HEPI CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

Yingying said...

haha...sorry ah david ^^"
juz created this blog...n u r the first one 2 leave a comment, hehe :)