Sunday, February 10, 2008

B@L!k K@mPunG

We went back Johor Bahru at the second day of Chinese New Year ( and came back at the 3rd day ). Since it was a long journey, my dad was the one who driving, and the journey took abt 3 hrs plus ( if no jam and drive fast ) So, we left home at abt 10.30 am....
Here's my dad driving....hehe

The whole journey the sun juz shining at the left ( even going back tht time oso liddat ) and.....I'm the one sitting at the left, sigh...=.= Anyway we started eating i the car coz too boring... and this is the dried kiwi I bought ... tastes so sweet !! >.<>

After about 3 and a half hour ( which is about 2pm sth ) we reached Johor and went the a restaurant near our hotel 2 have sth 2 eat... and this is the big cup of rose tea I ordered...juz 2 try how it tastes like. The result is tht it's sooooo sweet and with some weird taste ( it's the rose's taste I guessed )

After that 2 of our aunts came and met us there...they waited for us 2 finished our food and get prepared for dinner ( which is at 6.30 pm ) while they walked around at the plaza juz right beside our hotel.

Well...this is the 1st picture of me and my mom in Johor XD (in our hotel room )

Okay....and this my little sis, pretty ler ? hehehe XD These pictures taken after we get prepared for dinner...

Err... this picture was edited by her anyway... with the clover leaves on it XD

We went to my grandma's house 1st before we all went to the Loong Hwa restaurant for dinner...Long time didnt meet them ady, and most of them changed a lot....hardly recognised them ady ( especially my cousins )
This is the yee sang >>>

Having dinner halfway...see the roasted pig (head) ?? >>>

After dinner we went to a duty free complex...the hotel looks quite nice though... my relatives and my dad went to the bistro 2 hav some drinks while 4 of us ( me, my brother, my sister and my mom ) went walking around wif my uncle ( my mother's younger brother ) in the shopping complex ( which is not so nice )

We joined them after the shopping complex closed at 10pm...they all drinking beer >>>

One of my cousin performing some magic for us, hehe XD He knows a lot of magic tricks larr..( picure not so clear because he's moving ) >>>

The hotels are juz right above the bistro there, some more got ppl singing there....should be very very noisy then....

From this hotel we can see across to Singapore and the night view is really nice =)
This is the bistro that we had ur drinks at >>>

That night we stayed there until 1am sth only then went back to our tiring...>.<
The next day we slept until 9am and then get prepared 2 meet our relatives again ( but this day only some of them coming ) and then we joined my cousin at Red Box ( at 1st my dad dun wanna go there 1, but my little cousin go n 'keng sou' with him, hahaha XD he really likes to sing and he can go there only if we joined them so at last my dad promised him tht we go there wif him ) Oh yea, we stayed at the Mutiara Hotel...and this is the view of tht hotel ( took it while waiting for my aunt to come )

Looks nice right ;)

Here comes the picture of my little cousin who likes 2 sing ( the one standing ) His singing is very good =)

And here comes the kuma-kuma I bought there, hehehe XD Bought it from my another cousin ( his mom, which is my aunt Jenny owns a florist )

Finally back to my home sweet home, hehe XD
And this is the CJ7 angpow packet that my aunt gave me, cute right ? ;) Anyway hope everyone enjoy their Chinese New Year and happy alwayz !!!!! =)


darren said...

wow liow!!!!ur sis damn pretty wey...geng...too bad taken ady..haiz...hahahaa...nvm,look like u enjoy ur cny anyway...good for u...and have fun...hehe...

Yingying said...

Yalorrr...haha...u will hav 2 wait then XD wan me to help u anot ? haha

ding said...

wa beware of darren man.... let him kau tim himself la :D we'll just look and see :P right?

darren said...

wakakaka...bugger...u beware la...i nothing to be beware of...cos i very *innocent*...wakakakaka...ok,u all can start vomit blood now...hahaha and no,i don need help la...think i small boy meh..haiz...

Yingying said...

ceh i say only mah, who will help u oh, hahaha XD muz pay me 1st =P