Monday, September 1, 2008

Friendship Never Ends

Hello Hello People ~! ;)

Been abandoning my blog for quite some time due to my laziness and busy with my Progress Test 1, teehee! :P Currently 'lazy' mode on, what to do eh? Hee!

So much I have been planning to blog about and it's so looooooong overdue now and somehow lost the point of blogging it out anymore =/ Anyways, what I'm gonna blog today will never be 'overdue' ;)

Few weeks after the result came out, and it felt like it has been ages since I last met my clossies ( in college ),

I miss you guys a lot!! :(

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So, with Kak's finger xD

Somehow I love this picture very much :)

I miss them so so much, miss the fun, jokes, hapiness, lame-ness at times, and the sharing of problems between us. Kept recalling the time when we 1st knew each other, not so close, I actually felt quite awkward when talking with them ( with my lousy english, epp! ) That's the reason why I always kept quiet when you guys first knew me, hehe!

As time goes by we got closer to each other, and our friendship bond became stronger :)

Totally miss da time when we hangout together, went Genting, birthday celebration etc etc, will never forget all the laughter and happiness we shared~! ;)

This is the year we actually get closer than ever to each other and I treasure those happy time most!

Never would have thought I'll meet such great friends after my high school life and yet these girls changed my perception, totally :) In fact I dun really understand why I have such perception though, to be honest. Maybe just the lack of trust I have to this world, due to a series of incidents that happened before, those incidents struck me, and I got to learn how not to trust people that easily.

I can't say I totally understand each and every of them, yet they have been, they are, and they will still be my clossies~! ;) ~* Each happening has their own meaning behind, for us to learn from it, and get stronger by getting through all those obstacles. At times it might be hard, yet no matter what happen there'll always be friends around to support you whenever you fall :)

Thanks for being there to help and care for me whenver I need you guys, you all are GREAT, teehee! :D

Do remember there'll always be full support from me alryte! Hee! ;D


Catherine said...

awwww....i miss you so much too...
I'll definitely treasure our friendship! In fact, I already am.. :)) I love you all!


Yingying said...

Hee! Miss you sooooo much! :D
Okay okayy! Hope to see ya soon! ;)