Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holidays please?

Sometimes I'd just need a big warm hug :)

If you were to ask me about my recent life, I'd reply 'so far so good', nothing that really impressed me, and at the meantime nothing get on my nerves ( as yet ). Things would be slightly different as Progress Test is coming real soon and I'm really far behind >.< epp!

I have piles of work awaiting me, made up of daily stuffs eg. settling the exam registration, graduation ceremony payment, and my MORAL studies result!! Okay it really irritates me when talking about this moral studies result. It's already after almost 2 months and the every related parties are delaying and pushing us around with the same old excuse. What the heck. Everytime when we went to the financial office they'll be giving us the same answer : 'your lecturer hasnt give us the result...blah blah blah...go find your lecturer' and finding HIM is not an easy task. His phone would always be switched off, okay maybe not always, but the thing is I could managed to get him only ONCE, which is the 1st time when I asked for my result.


Glad to see some of our friends actually came to attend law or costing class, especially my clossies! Hee! :) It really reminds me of the times when we sit together. And I feel glad to see some of them working really hard for their current papers, which somehow I should feel ashamed for myself for taking a lot of things for granted :(

Life is getting busier and more hectic now, with stress level increasing gradually especially during certain class :P Since the number of students is patheticly little, each and every of us has a higher chance of being called up for questions and I certainly dun like tht idea of being "ummm...." with a blushed face when I dunno how to answer those questions. Lol.

Hmm thinking of the graduation ceremony, what came to my mind when I first heard of it is something like prom night. Lol. Hahaha xD Sorry for being so desperate to attend such event, hehe! In fact I never got the chance to attend the prom night in my high school life since it's only held for the Form6 graduates ( I think ). So a bit tad disappointed when I got to know that we actually hafta wear those kinda attire ( which we are supposed to pay 35 bucks for it and get nothing eventually ). *prom night dream smashed* *sniff sniff*


Sometimes just wondering am I on the right track. When things go on as it is without anything that really capable of bringing up my interest to life, or lighten up my days, should I just sit down and think what is the thing that I actually needed / wanted most? Emo-ness comes out of nowhere sometimes. Maybe I need some changes. In other words, I feel like slacking away with rests, travelling, shopping or anything other that college life.

Sounds like I have been requesting for rest and holidays all the time :D hee!

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