Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stories behind personality

Ello ello~*! :)

Decided to update a lil' bit since I finally got the free time to online, hee! ( Not that I'm VERY busy, just that my interest right now is get as much sleep as possible ;P )

Met up with Cath, Siewlin and Emiko on Thursday at 1u and it was good :) It has been quite some time since we last sit down chit-chat, and we spent around an hour plus sitting down in a Thai restaurant I guess, hehe! Hang out until around 5pm only I went back with some newly bought facial stuffs ;)
*Bye bye my allowance ;(*


Took part in this Tax Challenge Competition - group category ( I'm the reserve anyway, hehe ) which includes Ding, Ethan, Jovan and Serng as well. We all started fighting to be the reserve member since the level is too high ( P6 level ) and luckily, I'm the one registered as reserve before this, hehe! Which means as long as I make sure all of them safe and sound, I need not to take part in that competition ;P


Heard things that upset me, which I didnt expect some people could be that different from what I see. It's rather disturbing to know certain facts anyway, no wonder people always say that being ignorant of the facts would be much better at times. It struck me how people could behave when problems arise, or maybe when they have been like that all the way, just that what I know is far too little from the actual picture?

However it's too early to judge a book by its cover, should have understand them more before I judge them right? As time goes by I realised that I actually gained something from what I experienced, even though in fact I couldnt really describe what have I learnt so far. Certain people act in the way which I disagree of, however, every single person has their way of handling things and facing people around them which I have no rights to interfere with. Even me myself also couldnt guarantee that every single person around me satisfied with me anyway, and that's the time when I really need people around me to point out what's my mistake, and remind me about my wrongdoings.

Every person has different background behind them and it's not easy to place a final judgement by their single act, or from what we see so far. Maybe the reasoning, and the story behind that particular person is strong enough to support any things that he/ she did, or going to do.

It's rather annoying to be placed with the blames when you feel that you were actually doing the right thing at the right time, or even when you're being unaware of the consequences of doing it. But does that mean that act is done on purpose? Does that represents irresponsiblity? No one is perfect alright? It's funny when some people blasted at you on things that they're actually doing it.

Okay I need to chill myself down now~ >.<


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