Sunday, August 31, 2008

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1. At what age you wish to marry?

Hmm..28 would be a nice age for me to get married ;)

2. Are you straight?


3. Do you smoke?

Nope~! I hate those smell

4. What are the things you interest now?
A lot, watching tv, online, sleeping, and perhaps have some precious time with my family and clossies :)

5. List out two things that you'd like to do now?
Travelling ( Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Sepanyol, Korea, etc etc etc ) I'm not greedy, this alone will do ;P

6. How old are you?

Currently 19~

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?

Errmm? Can't remember >.<

8. Do you believe in love at first sight ?

Used not to believe in it but somehow my perception changed ( a bit )

9. Currently into?

Lazy-ing, Online :D

10. Getting married is going to heaven or grave?

Depend on who you marry with :)

11. How many kids do you want?

Nope~ That's like too far away from now

12. Are you in love?


13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?

Cant remember as well~ >.<

14. Name the latest book you bought?

Testing my memory power is it?? Cant remember >.<

15. Do you believe in open book test?


16. Single or Attached?

Single! :)

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.

Not gonna name it here ;)

18. The most exciting place you want to go?

Italy? As long as I can travel ! ;D

19. Which quality is more important in a lover. Looks or personality?

Personality~ I think whoever that answer this would choose personality

20. What will you do if the world is coming to an end?

Most probably spend the time left with my family :)

Anyone who feel like doing it ;)

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