Saturday, August 9, 2008

Of what I think

A very good place for vacation :)
Just thought of updating my blog, even though I dun really have the idea what am I going to blog about, so it'll be a very random post ~ Talked about vacations with my mom and yeah, I'm so desperate for it now =/ It has been years since I last went to a beach I guess? Anyways, I love the breeze but I dun really fond of the sun :P

Been getting lazier and lazier nowadays, with piles of homeworks awaiting and a lot of catching-up to do yet I'm slacking + resting almost all the time. I dunno why I just have the feeling of I'm very free, perhaps it's because of the timetable, which most of the time I have only a 3-hour-class everyday :) Thus, more movies, dramas, chit-chatting and time-wasting~

Talking about movies, there're loads of upcoming movies which I'm quite interested in, i.e. Meet Dave, 21, WALL-E etc.etc. Any reviews or comments from anyone who already watched any of them? :)

It's already August. Time flies! *for years I have been saying the same thing

Anyways, it's quite surprising to discover that more and more of my ex-school mates are studying at the same college as I do, and this added more fun to my life :) At least I will somehow found that warm feeling when I meet someone from my high school, weird huh? I found it hard to describe that feeling, but owh well, as long as I feel happy bout it is alryte, ryte? ;)

It has been years since I last swimming :(
I realized that I have experienced a lot in this 1-year-plus duration. Way much than I have experienced in my high school, no kidding. Maybe things and people get more complicated nowadays, or maybe I have been too childish or naive, to realize anything in my high school life. *shrugs* There're just so many things going on and on, life pushes you around without you yourself realizing how far it has already pushed you.
There're times when things happened, it's really hard to judge. Different people different perspectives, and you have to think wisely before commenting, or giving your piece of advice, to avoid things went worse and eventually, who knows what will actually happen.

There's once I said I wished 'world peace', and a friend of mine said this sounds fake. Yeah, I totally agree too. Do you think there'll be world peace, like seriously ? I know it sounds so sarcastic, but well, that's the truth anyway.

Sometimes I think I shouldn't give up hopes of any kind too easily, as there're so many people struggling, even for their last breath at some corner of this world. At times I just feel like giving up on every single thing, 'cause I just couldn't take it anymore.

Just like my backache :( Feel like giving up on it sometimes, especially when it aches like someone has just twisted my spine :( Thank god I still can drive back safe and sound on that day :D hee!

Oh-so-romantic ;)

Just feel like having a relaxing weekend by now :)
Not to think too much, not to worry too much.
Can I ?


EvanChiAN said...

I need a big rest too!
Seems like everyone of us are having a hard time..
Maybe it's already not a good choice to enter Sunway studying Cat..hahaa!!

btw..hope you'll do well..
Give you power! Result coming out and i'm sure it'll motivate all of us a litte...XD

Yingying said...

Haha yea, somehow I regret entering CAT =(
But anyways, since we ady chose our path, what we can do now is just continue it~ :D

Owh thank youuuu! Same to u ayte! :)

p.s. Gosh, result is coming out soon *gasp* :(

darren said...

haha..don we all wish for holiday where we all can go relax and have fun...haiz...anyway,meet dave was ok only,funny abit and not bad only...21 is very confusing and interesting,so better watch in dvd...wall-e was not as good as i tho..just ok only,beside the cute expression and funny way of express his feeling..haha...

Yingying said...

Darren - Owh okayy, thanks for the recommendation! Yea I heard that WALL-E isnt that nice also~ I expect a lot from this movie actually :( Anyways, I still love tht cute robot a lot xD actually watched all of them dy, so fast! Hee!

p.s. Can I get the WALL-E photo from u? The one on top of Pyramid?? =)