Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Gurls~

Been busy these few weeks, so now only I get the chance to blog :) hee~! If I got spare time I'd choose to sleep more, or perhaps watch some dramas instead of blogging, lol! I used to love blogging very much but now the enthusiasism seems fading, typical me! :P

2 of my clossies had their birthday in the same week, so yeah, this post will mainly be a post about the celebation of their birthday :)


Went Sunway Pyramid again ( where else can we go eh? ) after class to get presents for Siewlin's upcoming b-day~* :)
Me, Cath, Emiko and Manoj went there together, we girls busy choosing presents inside this Etude House, while Manoj waiting for us outside the shop, for almost an hour plus ( or more? ) I lost count of time but it has been quite long =X Pity him, lol~

Pink pink pink~*

Me and Emiko got something for ourselves as well from that shop :P teehee~!
Fancy the cute lil' make-up products and nice scent of the products, and the price is okayy as well~

Siewlin's birthday on this day, and well, I suggested that we acted like we have forgotten about her birthday ( like so mean ryt? lol~ ) To give her a big surprise marr ;)
Anyway we gave her the birthday present during class and wished her happy birthday~

They all went Pyramid for lunch after the celebration of her birthday, but sadly I couldnt join them :( anyways, hope Siewlin enjoyed her b-day! ~*
It'c Cath's b-day and Manoj has been planning to give her a surprise b-day @ Jack's Place :) hehe! Well, can see that he's really working hard on this plan and made all his attempt to make sure that this plan really works, in order to give Cath a BIG surprise :) hehe!
So all 17 ( or more? ) of us, including cath's friends, came early and we all waited inside Jack's Place for the b-day girl's arrival~

Finally she arrived, and she looked surprised to see all of us here, which is GOOD~ hehe! The surprise b-day party worked! :D

The day before this Emiko and Steff suggested that we pretend to ask her out at around 4pm @ 1u to celebrate her b-day, so that Cath wont suspect anything :) hehe! So yah, Cath thought she'll only be meeting us at 4pm ;P

Pussy Foot

Of which they made so much of fun with that name xD

sounds nice eh?
It's actually a big bottle of fruit juice xD

Steff making a seducing pose with a cherry :P

In between we hav lots of fun and laughing all the way like mad :P
Still smilling at the thought of those scenes and funny jokes even after a few hours~Gosh! It's fun hanging out wif them :) And heyy I love those funny video clips xD

The Lamb Chop that I ordered

The food there was so-so, I still prefer the Lamb Chop from The Ship~ Anyways the place's quite romantic ( if we werent there ) Cuz we were sooooooooo noisy, like seriously =X

The 2nd surprise came some time afterwards :)
Cute lil' baby ( Jiash's nephew! )
So uber cute ryt? We girls went "Awwwwwwwww" and "Omg" went the baby was here~ He's so chubby and cute! :D To be exact I dun really like babies, but the baby was really CUTE !~* As long as you don't ask me to take care of babies, I'm okay wif them :D They're super cute when they laugh~!

Hello hello cutie~! ;D

Lil' baby got interested wif cath's b-day present ~

We were practically taking pictures of him NON-STOP soon after he came in :P

Sounds scary huh? Like paparazzi only xD

Awwwwwwwwwwww ;)

Shy dy~ hehe!
We spent like almost 3 hours in Jack's Place, busy eating and chit-chatting ( and laughing )~ I laughed until my stomach aching dy, lol~
After lunch some of them went back, and the rest of us just walk around.

Candid shot~* by Joseph
We took picture at the same spot before :P

From left : Amily, Liang Fang, Gaya, Cath, Aruna, Me, Emiko and Siewlin :)
* Hopefully I didnt spell wrongly
Pictures of the Day

Our pretty b-day gurl

Sleepy lil' baby :D

p.s. Something which I think it's very true ( as said by Ms.Pushpa ), people will always focus on the baby rather than the mother ryte after the mother delivered the baby~ Which is so cham for those mom :(

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