Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Visit To Stepping Stones Orphanage =)

Ermm...quite busy and tired these few days, PT is near and havent really start revising, haiz...Anyway, here comes the post about my visit to Stepping Stones Orphanage on 1st of March =) I went college early in tht morning, and we had our meeting on wht to do during our visit to orphanage...Finally we decided to play games with them and buy some presents for them as their prize for those who won the games =) We went pyramid to buy presents and started wrapping them during lunch time XP

Busy wrapping presents >>>

After lunch we went to the orphanage, which is located at Taman Seputeh (near Mid Valley) And this is how the orphanage looks like.. There are 100+ kids there, and they all juz stay in these places... >>>

That's where they hang their clothes and dry their shoes...Sometimes we didnt realise how lucky we were, comparing to others. So many children in 1 orphanage, and staying in this kinda place...we are definitely much much more lucky compared to them, for wht we own, where we stay, and the most of all, we hav our parents and families juz around us..>>>

This is Manoj, asking questions and playing games with those children...>>>

And me taking photos, siewlin and david beside me =) >>>

One of our games, balloon game XD I was kinda scared of the balloons,lolz... XP especially when they burst >.<"

Balloon game >>>

The last game is the newspaper game... We all were so tired by tht time XD yet the children seemed vry hyper still, hehe...Anyway I hope they really enjoy their day =) This visit is really a memorable and meaningful visit to me, since this is the 1st time I really visit and stay at an orphanage for a few hours, although I didnt joined them for games XP
Newspaper game >>>

Btw...the guy in brown shirt is the people in charge for the Stepping Stones Orphanage.. >>>

** Pictures courtesy of Darren XP **

After the visit, we went MV to eat sth before going back =)
Sometimes I feel very lucky to have whtever I have now, some people are born poor, some born disabled, some born with a tough life. Appreciate wht we have, cos the value of life is life itself, when we live it happily and appreciate wht we have.

Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best.
Whtever that happen to us, dun give up easily and stand still =)

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Dennis Ong said...

Hi... may i know the address and contact person for this home? God bless you all for such kindness~~