Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random thoughts =)

Here I am, writing moral report while listening to music....Boredddddddddddd ~~~ ><"

I'm totally out of idea what to crap in the report now =/ Hmmmm....
Owh well, since I'm bored juz write something here then while waiting my brain to think of sth to crap in the report then...
Watched The Spiderwick Chronicles on Friday, and I personally thinks that it's a nice movie =) Really enjoy it ;)

The Spiderwick Chronicles>>>

* Owh well, didnt really notice that "BEWARE" word on top until I found this picture today though =X...

I'm seriously bored now. Why am I rotting here???!!! ...haiz... ><
Sometimes is there any reason when we do something? Do we actually do anything without proper reason or is juz that we didnt know the reason deep beneath our action ?
Juz like when you feel angry or sad, yet u dunno why? =/ Or u do sth but u dunno why?
Remembering asking one of my friend, " Have you ever done anything that you really regret doing it ? Which is harmful ? " He answered, " Nope i guess, except arguing with people that I treasured most. Why u asked liddat ? U killed someone ar ?? " What kinda question is that ?! I killed someone? =="
Owh well couldnt blame him oso - though I knew he was joking XD hehe, I asked liddat wht..hehe...Happened quite some time ago though, wht we said is sth liddat lar =P
Hey people I missed u guys lar =/ Sorry that I couldnt join you all for the gathering because I have class on that day =( Sorry sorry =(
Sometimes I just missed the life I had in secondary school ( although it's tough n stressful =/ ) Let me correct it, I missed my friends XD not study life, lolz...
Back to the question I asked my friend, hehe...dragging far away from topic dy XP Well, abt arguing with someone we treasured most...Arguing with them is the most hurting thing to do, I guess. Sometimes when we accidentally said something that hurts them, there will be a permanent wound in their heart. Although things might get back as well as before, still, there's a scar which will stay there forever. Don't, ever say anything that will hurt people we love =)
Everyone did things that they regret before in their life.
Sometimes juz hoped that time can be wound back to the past, then we can stop ourselves from doing all those silly stuff. Well, what has gone juz let it be then...Nothing we can do about it now...All we can do now is juz take the lesson from our past experience and careful not to let the history repeats itself.

Anyway, I like this picture very much =) A big purple loveeeeeeee XD Purple looks nice oso,hehee...Ryte ryte ?? ( Cos I got so many purple-colour stuff unintentionally... seriously unintentionally XD owh well, purple nice oso =) one of my favourite colours now XD )

Thought of dreams now... Everyone has their very own dream(s) ^^ What's yours ? Mine...hmmmmm.....*thinking hard*

Travelling? XD Yea, travelling...around the whole world !!! Hehehe XD I wanna go see snow =) That's my dream since I was young...and nice scenery, enjoy the weather at foreign countries ( winter, autumn and spring....summer - definitely not XD ) I wanna make a snowman!! *excited* hehe =P

Afterall, that dream needs time to be fulfilled...Definitely a very long time, haiz....And now's the time to get back to reality..........back to my moral report ==.......haiz......*sad* Anyone help me with my report ? =S


Kent said...

well, tis problem are still my biggest problem...
sometimes really dunno wat shud v say, wat v shudnt.
is it good, or bad, nvr know it.
becz of always thinking so much b4 say something, it makes me miss many things also...haiz...
life is like tht, it wont hav happy ending always...

cheer up =)

~*whitesheep*~ said...

haha..seems like you are talking about me..( who did somethg they regret)
i really regret for the thgs i have done..
but i couldnt change it anymore..
so you also dun do sth like dat ah..hehe..
gambateh and be happy always!

Yingying said...

kent - Dun worry to much ya, as long as u never say things that would hurt other ppl tht shud b okay dy...
Haha u too ;)

whitesheep - the 1st time u leave comment on my blog XD hehee...Owh well, i can juz try my best...sometimes I did it only then I regret ( but too late dy ) lol XP U too =)